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Ed's in his tent when he hears someone at the door; he complains that he wanted to be left alone, but when he unzips the tent, there's several zombies who decide to make him their dinner. Amy walks out of the RV complaining about a lack of toilet paper, and she gets bitten by a walker. Yay! Random zombie, I also love you. The whole camp gets overrun, some other nameless camp members get eaten, and there's a lot of shooting happening. Rick and the others hear the shots and pick up the pace. Andrea just sits and cries over a dying Amy, while everyone else tries to protect the kids and fend off the zombies with limited tools. Thankfully the cavalry shows up, in the form of Rick, Darryl, Glennn and T-Dog and their newly retrieved weapons. They quickly dispense of the walkers, and Carl quickly runs to his father's arms. Everyone looks shell-shocked, and Andrea's still crying while Amy takes her last gasps of breath. Lori gives her patented bug-eyed look. Seriously, get another facial expression. Jim looks on and just quietly whispers, "I remember my dream now. Why I dug the holes." Oooh, chills.

They totally compensated for the lack of zombies last week with a whole host of them this time, and I like that they are really bringing the danger to the camp since those people seem so clueless with their fishing and their frog-catching. But while this show knows how to give stunning last shows or moments that will take your breath away, often some of the mess in the middle seems boring. Perhaps it is the stilted acting of many of these cast members. I can only hope that more of the characters I hate follow in Amy's footsteps and get eaten by zombies.

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