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In the RV, Shane is teaching Andrea how to take apart a gun to clean it. She has a gun that her father gave her before she and her sister took off on their road trip. Daddy wanted his little girls to be protected, but clearly didn't want to take the time to teach her how to care for it or actually use it the right way. What a half-assed gift. Shane doesn't quite get time to put her weapon back together before Dale sees a lot of broken down cars, blocking their route on the highway. My beloved Glennn suggests and alternate route, but Dale says they can't waste fuel (there are a 100 cars in front of you, take their fuel and go the other way!), so they try and navigate through the cars with Darryl on his motorcycle leading the way. Naturally, this causes the radiator on Dale's RV to go kaput.

Everyone immediately gets to looking for parts for the repair, water, fuel and the like. Lori gets all uppity about this being a graveyard and it should be respected, which I get, but I'm doubtful that the trucker behind the wheel of a big rig needs one hundred gallons of water in the afterlife. And the majority of these vehicles are empty, meaning those souls have been turned into Walkers and aren't even there. She'd be the first person I'd "accidentally" leave on the side of the road if given a chance. No one pays her much mind, and keep gathering supplies.

Dale teaches Glennn how to change a radiator hose (yay, for making my favorite character more useful and less expendable). Darryl and T-Dog are quite good with the siphoning of gasoline, like maybe they had some experience. Carol picks up a pretty dress and Lori looks at her like she's Satan for considering taking it. It's not like she's removing it from the corpse in the front seat. God, Lori, don't be so judgmental when you are being chased by zombies! If the abused wife would like to wear a freaking dress, let her. Lori then reminds Carl to stay where she can see him, and Carol half-assedly reminds Sophia of the same thing. Sure Carol's had a rough life, but she's not what you'd call a strong parent.

Andrea can't be bothered to contribute to society in any way, so she goes back in the RV and tries to put her gun back together. Outside, Shane finds a truck filled to the hilt with giant bottles of spring water. He pops one open and starts taking an impromptu shower. Dale, who is spying from the roof of his RV, sees a Walker heading their way. He signals Rick, who is about ready to take out the sole Walker woman, when tons more come out of nowhere. There is one extra in a blue shirt, who doesn't do a good job with the lumbering walk of the zombie -- he just seems to be walking. Dude, if the makeup people went through all that trouble to make you look convincing for five seconds of screen time, the least you can do is stagger properly. Anyway, Rick runs around and gets everyone to hide under vehicles... because somehow the zombies can only sense them if they are moving? I thought for sure last season that they could smell people as well. Wasn't that the point of Glennn being covered in zombie guts? Or how did the Walkers know to go up to the roof of the department store?

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