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Shoot to Kill

Darryl and Rick come across a Walker in the woods. Rick distracts him, while Darryl shoots an arrow through his brain. Rick notices that he's just fed, and pulls a piece of meat out of his teeth. He has either just fed, or competed in some grody challenge on Survivor.. The only way to know if this zombie has feasted on little Sophia is to gut the zombie open and look at his stomach contents. A thing which Darryl does with great ease. My only complaint is that it is shot so we only see Darryl's face chopping into the undead dude, and not the actual good gore that I want from a show like this. Though we do get to see Rick and Darryl pull the skull of some woodland creature from the beastie's belly.

Andrea attacks Dale for refusing to return her gun. Shane tries to keep the peace, but Dale insists he's not comfortable with it. Shane actually agrees with Dale, because he doesn't want guns flying around camp with people who don't know how to use it. Their fight is cut short when Rick and Darryl return without Sophia. It's sunset and they won't be productive in the dark. Do they even own flashlights? How about the chores involve finding some staples like that? Carol's about ready to run off in the woods after her daughter -- who by the way is 12 and thus old enough to know better -- but they say they'll start up again at first light. She spots blood on Darryl and he says it's from a Walker, and they kindly inform the group of their recent zombie gutting extravaganza. Carol starts blaming Rick for leaving Sophia in the woods in a hidey hole, instead of blaming her daughter for not listening to instructions. She starts crying in a really unconvincing manner. And the women comfort her while the men walk away so they don't have to deal with feelings.

The next morning, Carl's arsenal gets divvyed up, and the kid doesn't even get one. Rude. Andrea is back to griping about not getting her gun, even though it's been established that shooting guns would attract more Walkers and Shane says you could accidentally be trigger happy and shoot an innocent human. Gee, that's not the most obvious foreshadowing in the world or anything. They head out along the creek, leaving Dale and T-Dog with Carl. Carl insists on going, and Rick finally relents saying it is fine as long as Carl stays in his sight. Andrea begs for her gun again from Dale, and then lays into him real good, blaming him for the fact that she's still alive. She thinks, and maybe there's some truth to it, that he won't give her back the weapon because he thinks she might off herself at the first opportunity. She doesn't deny her suicidal tendencies, just says that Dale took her choice away when she had her perfect death all nice and planned out and he went and ruined it by making her feel guilty. She only left the CDC pre-explosion because she didn't want Dale to die, not because he convinced her to stay alive. Blah, blah, blah. He should have let her die. But he still doesn't give her the gun, and she has to trudge off in the woods anyway.

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