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Shoot to Kill

Out in the woods, Carl happily shows off his small but sharp ax to Shane and Shane tells him to shut up and blows him off. Carl's poor tiny feelings get hurt. Not long into the woods, the group spots a tent. They hope Sophia is inside, so Darryl goes in, after Carol calling out quietly doesn't get any results. It's not Sophia, just a rotting corpse who has been there a while. Said corpse does have a gun, which Darryl pockets. Then there are some church bells ringing. They presume that Sophia is the one ringing them, which would be a terrible plan as noises would only attract more Walkers. Has this child learned NOTHING?

T-Dog wants to know why Dale's not still fixing the radiator, and Dale says it's been fixed, but he didn't want people to know it was done and hit the bricks leaving Sophia behind. They share a quiet moment of acknowledgement about their dire straits.

They find the church, but Shane says it's the wrong church because it doesn't have a steeple with a bell tower in it. Rick goes headfirst into the church anyway, because he never listens to anyone else's opinions when he thinks that he's right. He's sort of like Derek Shepherd that way. There are some lovely Walkers sitting in the pews and praising the lord, and they turn to spot the fresh meat with glee. Perhaps their prayers have been answered. "Dear Lord, we know we are dead and unable to speak, but please bring us some morons to snack on. Amen." Unfortunately they are pretty quickly dispensed with, as the fellas each take a zombie and start slicing and dicing. There's a great image of Rick taking down a zombie (said zombie, who expressed more with his face than Lori has the entire episode) in front of the giant crucifix. Again, my major complaint is that we see a lot of blood spatter, but the actual gore is right below our sightline. Boo. Give me better gore to make up for the stilted dialogue and largely terrible acting. Darryl asks "JC" if he's taking requests, while Rick starts screaming for Sophia. Way to draw more attention to yourself. The bells start ringing again, but it turns out that it's a speaker and an automated little device on the outside of the building. Shane was right. Pains me to say it.

Carol heads back inside to get her praying on. Andrea sits by the side of the building unnoticed, which gives her the perfect listening spot for the conversation/fight between Lori and Shane about him leaving. Third wheel, blah blah blah. Not exactly a new fight. After Lori splits, Andrea stares longingly after Shane.

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