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Shoot to Kill

Carol is back inside, praying/talking to God/Lori/anyone that will listen about how she thinks she's being punished for wishing her abusive husband dead. And she hopes her daughter will live, and she asks for mercy for her child and God can punish her however he wants. I was just praying for this plodding scene to be over.

Andrea chases Shane through the cemetery pleading for him to take her when he splits. He thinks she's hitting on him -- because of course he does --and she says that she needs to get away from these people. I couldn't agree more. I can't stand Shane (though I can tolerate him when he's not talking) and Andrea seems like dead weight. Send the two of them far, far away. Have them go off to find Zombieland or whatever. Maybe they'll see Bill Murray in their travels. They could have their own little road trip spin-off where they can fight and bicker in a car and we can forget they exist. Perfect.

After Andrea pouts off, Shane wants to head back, searching the other side of the creek bed on the way to their vehicles, but Rick insists that Sophia could be close to the church. He's happy to put the entire group in danger in order to assuage his guilty feelings. Shane takes charge and sends everyone else back to the cars, with Darryl leading them. He and Rick are going to keep looking in this area before catching up with them. Darryl seems surprised, and frankly, it's kind of a terrible plan. With no way to communicate, if Darryl's group finds Sophia, how would Rick and Shane ever know? They could be searching for hours aimlessly. And likewise, if Rick and Shane end up getting killed by Walkers (maybe that's just my wishful thinking) who would ever find them? They'd just be sending out search party after search party and then everyone would wind up dead. Actually, that's not a bad idea. So long as Darryl and Glennn survive (and maybe Dale and T-Dog could live) I'm OK with that. And then Darryl and Glennn (who has proven useful on supply runs and rescue missions) could go find Merle. I miss angry racist Merle. He added so much to this show. Perhaps it was because he was actually played by a good actor.

OK. I've totally digressed, it happens when I start wondering about Merle's whereabouts. And logistics of this show in general. So the team is splitting up, and Carl's going to stay with his two daddies' and Lori hugs him and says he's so grown up now. Andrea gives Shane a stinkface. Yeah, that totally means she's into you, Shane. Rick tries to give Lori his gun (which does not go unnoticed by pissed off Andrea), but she doesn't want him to be unarmed. Darryl whips out the weapon he stashed earlier and hands it to Lori, solving everyone's problems (as he does), except for Andrea's... since she's still got that major stick up her butt .

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