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Shoot to Kill

Rick prays inside the church. He asks for a sign. I'm not recapping this BS because Rick's monologues are excruciatingly painful. There is some nice mirror imagery of Jesus and Rick's head hung the same way, and sweat dripping off of Rick's brow as blood drips off of Jesus. That doesn't make up for all the whiny talk coming out of his mouth. Don't these people know how to pray quietly? When he leaves the altar, Shane asks if he got what he needed, and Rick says they'll find out.

The other troop is trudging back towards their base, without any sign of Sophia. Carol complains about the plan. Andrea bitches about Lori having the gun, so Lori gives it to her. She's tired of all of the looks she's getting. She calls Carol out for blaming Rick for Sophia's disappearance, even though Rick ran off into the woods without a thought to save the girl in the first place. This might be a good speech, if it were delivered by an actress who had more than one facial expression. When she tries to play angry, she just looks constipated. She's like Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 2 with his "angry eyes", except with less range. Still, Andrea gives back the gun.

Rick and Shane hear a rustle in the woods, they draw their weapons, before realizing it's a lovely buck. They are planning on killing the deer, but decide to let Carl take a whack at it with his little hatchet. He does so with a very, very slow approach. I'm all for these two dads teaching the kid to hunt, but did they forget they are on a search and rescue mission? And they are miles from their camp? How are they going to drag a giant deer through the woods and still look for Sophia? Carl and the deer have a bit of a standoff, while Carl tries not to scare the animal off. Just as he's about to attack, a bullet comes out of nowhere and rips through the deer and into Carl's stomach. Fade to black.

That was a pretty good twist, but can a bullet really go through an entire giant animal and then hit a kid with that kind of force? And if Rick had guilt before, how guilty is he going to be now that his own son got shot because he let him hunt in the woods. Guessing that wasn't exactly the sign he was hoping for from God. And is Lori going to kill both Shane and Rick (I'd support that!)? And who the hell is shooting in the woods. God, I hope it's a creepy old serial killer. The one that I imagine has Sophia locked down in a well somewhere. Or tied up in a basement. And I hope that he has a lot of muzzles! Also, now how are Rick and Shane going to get word to Lori and the rest of the group that Carl has been shot. This would never have happened if they all stayed together. Poor planning, Shane. Though I can't say I'm surprised by that.

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