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Inside the cell block, Rick sees what Daryl wanted to show him: Carol, who gets a warm welcome from everyone. Seeing the baby and not Lori tells Carol all she needs to know about what happened there, and Rick and Carl get sad all over again just seconds into this joyful reunion. Michonne watches the whole scene from behind the grate, her expression inscrutable. As usual.

In Woodbury, Milton knocks on the Governor's door to tell him a Mr. Coleman is ready and the Governor, in his robe, says he'll meet Milton in the lab. In the Governor's bedroom, Andrea (or at least Laurie Holden's body double) is slithering into her clothes, saying she'll be back, but the Governor wants her help with something that might change her mind. We can only hope.

Rick, Hershel and Daryl return to Michonne, and Rick says they can patch her up, but first he wants to know how they found her and why she had formula with her. "Supplies were dropped by a young Asian guy with a pretty girl," Michonne explains, going on to say that the people who dropped them were then taken "by the same sonofabitch who shot me." Somehow she still isn't being forthcoming enough for Rick, so he grabs her wound demanding to know what happened right now. As she jumps up, justifiably pissed, Daryl sticks his crossbow in her face and she spits, "Find 'em yourself." Rick decides to calm things down and Michonne says she figures they were taken to Woodbury. "It's run by this guy, calls himself the Governor. Pretty boy, charmin', Jim Jones type." Heh. That sounds about right. Probably in the casting notes, in fact. She tells them about the "paramilitary wannabes" on the wall securing the place from walkers, "but we could slip our way through." Nice of her to offer. Rick asks how she found the prison and Michonne explains how she overheard directions, which is still pretty convenient, not to mention the fact that this all went down within less than a day's limp. Rick introduces Hershel as "the father of the girl who was taken" and says he'll tend to Michonne's wound. Assuming no zombie guts got in there, of course.

Merle tells a bloody and beaten Glenn he's tougher than he remembers, which must explain why he's lasted this long. "Shoot, I figured the way Officer Friendly abandoned people, he would have left you behind by now." Glenn says it's only a matter of time before Rick and the rest of the group come for him and Maggie, and claims there's a lot. "We've been on the road, not hiding in some dungeon," he boasts. "Rick, Shane, Dale, Jim, Andrea..." Oops. Merle chuckles at this last name and Glenn somehow senses that he may have made an error.

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