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In Milton's lab, Andrea is still DJing as Milton explains that they'll await Mr. Coleman's death and reanimation, at which point Milton will re-ask the questions and Andrea will "end the subject's reanimated state." Andrea's up for it. Milton explains that he's trying to determine whether any trace memories or identity remain, and here's this guy dying of prostate cancer willing to help them out. Apparently they've been through this interview ritual several dozen times, which he hopes will cue memories in Mr. Coleman's subconscious mind post-zombie. Andrea lectures that there's nothing left of them. "We'll see," Milton breezes, at which point Andrea realizes he's never seen this before, being not only an orphan and an only child, but a telecommuter. As a telecommuter myself, I'm somewhat offended by the show's portrayal of Milton as representative of the type. He's far too well groomed, to start with. Suddenly he realizes that Mr. Coleman is no longer with us, and he and Andrea uncover him and fasten the restraints, a process that seems a little tough on Milton. I don't think Mr. Coleman would care for it either.

Outside, the Governor gets the update from Merle: Glenn knows Andrea, but not that she's here and he also knows that Glenn knows Daryl. He doesn't know about Maggie, who he's never seen before. "Their people may come for them," the Governor warns, and Merle agrees, even pointing out that Andrea and Glenn both said they came back for Merle, which is a surprisingly generous remark. They even said it independently, which goes without saying because of course neither of them knows the other is in town. "[Glenn's] a tough sonofabitch," another guy says. "Picked that walker apart in minutes." That same guy also says they'll need him for leverage and wonders why Merle tried to kill him. "He pissed me off," Merle explains. The Governor asks about Maggie, and Merle says that was his next appointment, but the Governor's got that covered, which will soon prove to be an unfortunate choice of words on my part.

He enters the room where she's tied to her own chair. She looks up fearfully as he silently draws his knife, but of course he's just cutting her bonds. He even politely asks if he can sit down across from her. Now, with the good-cop shtick established, he offers to drive them back to her people and explain. She would rather talk to Glenn, but the Governor refuses, saying they're dangerous. So it would seem they're at a stalemate. Except that they're not. The Governor asks her to stand up -- politely, the first time -- and then tells her to take off her shirt. "Or I'll bring Glenn's hand in here." Maggie angrily complies, including when he says, "Go on." Now that she's topless, covered only by her own hands, he removes his gunbelt and comes around the table to her, taking his sweet old time. And then he pushes her head down on the table and holds it there, asking if she still won't talk. "Do whatever you're gonna do and then go to hell," she invites. He stands over her a few long moments, but then releases her. Jeez, that was harrowing.

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