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Josh barrels along: "The WLC put $9 million in the hands of pro-choice candidates. You narrowed the gap in the House from fourteen to nine in one election. You bring home the bacon." She retorts, "You think John's worried about losing women? He runs, and EMILY's List practically makes a wire transfer. He crushed his last opponent in Lauderdale -- I don't even remember his name -- but he was a moderate, pro-choice Republican, and there was a 29% gender differential. You think he's going around with me 'cause he's afraid of Nan Lieberman?" Josh: "I do." Amy laughs mirthlessly: "Well, I've never been so flattered in my life!" Josh replies, "I don't think I'm getting enough credit for saying this for your own good." 'Cause people love that sort of thing, especially on first dates. She says, "Don't talk to me." He pauses and says, "Look..." Amy: "Don't talk to me." Josh: "We'll change the..." Amy: "You're talking to me." Josh: "Perhaps..." Amy: "Don't talk to me." Josh: "I should just sit here?" Amy: "Yes." Josh: "And?" Amy: "Not talk to me." Josh: "Amy..." She walks in front of him and declares, "I have wit. I have charm. I have brains. I have legs that go all the way down to the floor, my friend." Well, bully for you. That's actually a feature of most legs. She starts to walk away. Josh says, "You don't have to..." She tells him again not to talk to her. Josh watches her stride out, with his mouth open to say something, although he doesn't know what he could say that would fix this. His cell phone rings. It's Toby, telling him, "You gotta come back. The President thinks he can cure cancer." Josh thinks that's some good news.

Back at the White House, Joey and Kenny are walking down the hall toward the Oval Office with Charlie. Joey asks, "Did he find a cure for cancer? Because if he found a cure for cancer, I'd think that would be interesting. I'd think that was something we should share. But he didn't. He wants to find a cure for cancer, and he wants to say that in the State of the Union. You know what my response would be? 'Me, too. But is this the first time you had that thought?'" Charlie asks Joey to sign the word "union" again: "That was cool." She complies, and Charlie says, "No. It must have been a different word." Joey asks, "Is he serious about this?" Charlie replies, "That's not my department. I get you to the meeting." Then he asks, "How high are the stakes for the speech?" Wouldn't Charlie be pretty clued in on that? She replies, "They're high. But a magic trick isn't going to help." He persists: "How high?" She says, "High!" Charlie: "How high?" Are we there yet, Dad? Joey explains, "Well, you don't win anything in January. You only lose. If he doesn't park the State of the Union -- and I mean deep -- it'll be his last one." Charlie seems cool with that and says, "All right. You're in the Oval Office."

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