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Back in the Communications Department, Toby says he doesn't have an hour and half to spend on this. Sam says he can do it. Toby says Sam doesn't have the time, either. Sam asks, "Why are you opposed to this?" Toby: "Stopping what we're doing to write about curing cancer? 'Cause it's never going to be in the speech?" Sam, irritably: "How do you know?" Just then Joey and Kenny come through and she asks, "What resources do we have to devote?" Sam: "I don't know." She asks how much money it will cost. Sam doesn't know that either. Toby says, "That's how I know." Joey tells Sam, "The man's about to get a Congressional Censure. He's trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat. What are you doing humouring him?" Sam says he's not. Toby says he doesn't want Sam spending more than ninety minutes on it. Sam tells Joey, "You're a pollster. You don't think this would poll well?" She replies, "Do I think people are in favour of curing cancer? Yes, I do." Sam walks into his office. "So?" She follows him, arguing, "The federal government shouldn't be directing scientific research." Sam: "Why?" Joey: "Because you stink at it." I'm sure that's true. Joey continues, "If it was up to the NIH to cure polio through a centrally directed program, instead of an independent investigator-driven discovery, you'd have the best iron lung in the world but not a polio vaccine!" Sam snaps his book shut and asks, "When did you get an MD?" She says she was quoting Samuel Broder, the former director of the National Cancer Institute. She insists, "The speech is going to work fine. Don't overreact to the censure." Sam says there's no speech yet; Joey says there will be. Sam says he has to work now: "The President's asked me to try this." Joey says she'll be in her office.

Back at the post-speech party, Josh walks up to Joey and Kenny in the hall to ask, "When the hell are we getting numbers?" Joey hesitates and then informs him, "You're a pleasure to work for." Josh, unfazed: "I hear that a lot. When are we getting numbers?" Joey: "When I say so." She and Kenny take off. Donna glides up behind Josh and remarks, "So many women. So little charm." Josh: "What in God's name could you possibly want right now?" Well, for starters, you, although that's becoming more and more of a mystery to me. She walks around in front of him and tells him that had they promised to make government manuals easier to read, that would have been a winner.

Just then, someone walks quickly behind Josh, slapping him upside the head as she does so. It's Amy, commanding, "Come with me." As much as I generally dislike seeing people romantically involved with each other striking each other in anger or annoyance, it remains true that Josh has needed a slap upside the head for some time now. He excuses himself and walks down the hallway after Amy. She stage-whispers something that ends in "the White House," and Josh tells her he has no idea what she just said. Amy states, "He happens to be more feminist than the White House." Josh: "'Feminine'?" I guess maybe she didn't slap him hard enough. Or maybe too hard. She enunciates, "Feminist." She cites some of Tandy's various feminist credentials, in response to which Josh makes remarks diminishing those accomplishments. Then he claims he's not doing that: "I'm not quarrelling with his credentials as a lover of women. I happen to know he excels in that area." Doesn't miss getting any shots in, does he? Amy: "Look who's talking." Burn. Josh: "I'm just saying..." Amy: "That he's using me." Josh admits he was saying that two weeks ago: "But now I'm not saying anything in the vicinity of that." Suddenly, Congressman Tandy appears, and walks up and takes Amy's hand. Apparently the actor playing him is a spokesman for Sprint, although I've never seen the commercials myself. I'm just getting this from the forums. He and Josh greet each other. Tandy tells Amy that they're doing some pictures with POTUS in the Mural Room, and he wants her there. Amy: "You don't want to do them yourself?" He says no, and takes off, telling her to come along. Amy and Josh both know what the other one is thinking. She doesn't look at him. He tells her, "Go ahead. Photo op." She walks away, and then stops and turns to look back at Josh. She just stares at him for a moment, while Tandy, waiting further down the hall, says, "Amy?" She walks up to John, and takes his arm, as he calls back his congratulations to Josh about the State of the Union. Josh mutters to himself, "We'll see."

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