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Toby's working late in his office; so's Sam. Toby wanders into Sam's office and announces, "I'm out of pie." Sam says they'll get some more. Toby munches on some stuff from Sam's office (I think maybe he's picked up Ainsley's tapeworm) and asks, "So how's it going on the, uh...what are you doing?" Sam says he's working on the section dealing with the economy. Sam says he's getting somewhere, but that it won't be ready to look at for about another two hours. Toby asks about the story Lisa's writing. Sam: "It wasn't my idea." Toby wouldn't think so. Sam tells him C.J. asked if the reason they didn't get married was because Lisa's name would have been Lisa Sherbourne-Seaborn. Although he registers absolutely no humorous reaction whatsoever, Toby claims, "That's funny." It really isn't. Toby asks why they didn't get married. Of course, Sam doesn't hear him, so he repeats it. Are we at 7.4% yet? Sam indicates, "She didn't like me very much." Aw, what's not to like? Sam's a good guy. He's a total Boy Scout. Toby, masticating energetically: "Ah." Suddenly, Sam notices someone coming toward their offices: It's POTUS and a Secret Service agent. POTUS comes in, flips on the light in the secretarial area, and says, "I want to call everybody in. I've just had dinner with some of Abby's friends. They're all oncologists. I think, in the State of the Union, I can announce that I'm directing our researchers to have a cure for cancer in ten years. Call everyone in." He zooms off without waiting for any response. Sam and Toby look at each other. Toby: "This is about the censure." He and Sam go back into their respective offices as the camera focuses on the Communications Department logo on the door. Half-time.

Wilson's. Piano player, presumably playing "Surrey with a Fringe on Top." I wouldn't know. ["He was." -- Wing Chun] By and large, I'm not wild about musicals. Amy asks Josh, "What did you just say?" Josh: "I said it for your own good." They walk away from the bar with their drinks. Amy: "Did you?" Josh: "I did. I like you." Well, I guess being able to state that is some kind of progress. But with our Josh, it's usually one step forward and two steps back: Amy replies, "I hate you." Josh, undeterred by the most blatant signals, suggests looking at the facts, which he indicates are that Tandy was polling at 69% among Democrats, and that that was all he had in his district. Amy: "Congressman Tandy." Josh goes along with that and says that he had a 69% favorability rating among women and that one needs a 93% rating among men to beat that: "Mahatma Gandhi doesn't get that in the Florida 20th." Amy comments, "Somebody's been studying!" Josh persists, though the Magic 8-Ball says, "All signs point to no." Josh says that with Nan Lieberman challenging Tandy, his rating goes down to 52%. Josh asks, "You know why?" Amy: "'Cause you're an idiot?" Josh: "'Cause women started going over to Lieberman. Women's groups started hedging, saying there aren't enough women in Congress. Tandy needs women. NOW hasn't endorsed him yet." Amy points out that it's January. Josh: "Yeah. Still, when did he start going out with you? A week after Lieberman announced." Amy wonders how he knows that. Josh smugly says, "I know everything. And you are the door to women." She is? With her poorly informed positions and prejudices about sex-trade work and her hypocritical, anti-female, classist and insecure attitude toward the attractive cocktail waiter in last week's episode? If so, God help us.

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