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Charlie and Mrs. Landingham burst through a set of doors together. Charlie asks her if she's getting the eight-speaker stereo. She is not, nor is she getting the six-speaker stereo. Charlie wants to know just how many speakers she's getting. Mrs. Landingham: "I have two ears. How many speakers do I need?" Charlie: "At least six and a sub-woofer." She's not getting a sub-woofer. He asks whether she's getting the tow package. She is not. Charlie wants to know how she's going to tow her boat. Well, since she doesn't have one, it's not much of a problem. He asks what she tows. Mrs. Landingham: "Groceries." Charlie: "You could probably put those in the trunk." Mrs. Landingham: "Yeah." Charlie moves on to haranguing her about tinted windows as Josh comes up to them. Charlie tells Josh that she's picking up her new car today. Mrs. Landingham tells Josh that she wishes she hadn't said anything: "Why do men think a woman can't buy a car without a man?" Josh gently says that it's an old stereotype, and then asks whether she got the extended service warranty. Mrs. Landingham: "No." Josh to Charlie: "Women." Mrs. Landingham asks what Josh wants. He says he got a message that Leo wanted to see him; Mrs. Landingham says he's in his office. Josh asks whether she got the tow package. Charlie: "See?" All I know is, we should have gotten the tow package on our car. Not that we have a boat or camper. Yet. We just occasionally could use a U-Haul. Wait, I just remembered why we didn't: Frink has some issue with things projecting off the car. He wants one of these hitches you can push in and hide, which probably cost twice as much. You think it's a picnic trying to select vehicles, machinery, tools, and appliances with an engineer, you should try it sometime. Anyway, Mrs.L. points and says, "He's in his office."

Leo is indeed in his office, reading bunches of files and looking with irritation at his watch. He yells, "Mar-grit!" She zooms in, her hair straightened as per last week. I knew it was her. ["Yeah, I was wrong. Sorry to doubt you, Deborah!" -- Wing Chun] Lots of people thought it looked so unlike her that it was a stand-in or something. It's funny, but although I am extremely partial to the blunt-cut-with-bangs look, I'm not sure it works on her. It's a very severe look on her for some reason. ["Ha, that's exactly what I said on the boards. She has such a long face already and the super-straight cut with bangs makes it look even longer." -- Wing Chun] Maybe she needs a layered cut. Don't listen to me though; I'm the sort who wears her hair the same way for about a decade at a time, and would be more likely to risk salmonella than something as terrifying as dyeing my hair. Anyway, I guess it's an improvement over the Laurie Petrie 'do. Leo asks her, "Where's Josh?" She says he's on his way. Leo asks, "He remembers where my office is, right?" Josh comes up behind Margaret saying, "Leo, calm down. I'm right here." Margaret helpfully says, "He's right here." Leo tells her: "Get out." She does. Leo's got a big bee in his bonnet: "This report is staggering!" Josh knows. Leo: "Justice has thirty-one lawyers and staff; tobacco has 1,893 lawyers and 2,783 paralegals. This isn't a typo, right?" No sirree, it sure isn't. Leo continues: "We've spent 8.7 million on outside counsel; they've spent 192 [million]. The 61.3 million they've spent on travel is twice as much as we've spent on our entire case." Josh knows. Leo asks who oversees the Justice Department budget. Josh replies, "The Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State, and the Judiciary." Leo finds out that the ranking minority member is Ritter, and orders Josh to talk to him and find out what the problem is. Josh will. Leo asks how things are going downstairs. Josh tells them what they've worked out so far, but mentions that any scenario is going to involve a firm position on re-election from the President. Leo assures him that they'll have an answer on that by the end of the day. Josh seems skeptical, but Leo says, "He just got Joey's numbers in the middle of the night! Give me the day." Josh thinks it would help if Bartlet had a discussion among the senior staff. Margaret comes in with a message and Leo immediately excuses himself, leaving Josh looking a little uneasy.

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