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After the commercials, C.J.'s briefing the press on Haiti. Ships and aircraft are being dispatched; they'll get more details at the Pentagon briefing at 3 PM. One reporter asks, "Should we be reading anything into the fact that Pentagon's briefing and not State?" C.J. says that State will brief later. Another reporter asks whether recognizing the Bazan government is one option. C.J. firmly states that there is no Bazan government. He persists, and she tersely says, "You're not taking me there, Mark." A third reporter asks whether the U.S. is prepared to invade Haiti. C.J. replies, "It should be clear that we're talking about two separate issues. One is a democratically elected President whose people are being denied their leader by an armed militia; the other is the lives of the Americans in the Embassy and the American Marines who are guarding them." The reporter complains, "You didn't answer my question." C.J.: "How about that? I'll be back in a few hours." She leaves, ignoring their clamouring.

Out in the hall, C.J. runs into Carol, who hands her a message. C.J. asks, "Is he here?" Carol says he's in the Mural Room. C.J. takes off her glasses and kind of pushes her hair behind her ears. "Do I look all right?" Carol looks at her and replies, "You look pretty tired." C.J. comments, "That's what you're saying to me?"

In the mural Room, Bonnie is performing some task that appears to be a mixture of loitering and standing guard, while an older, bearded gentleman paces. Bonnie asks, "You're sure there's nothing I can get for you, Mr. Hacket?" He's fine. Now, this guy has to be a HITG! I recognize him, but can't place him, even though I'm sure I've seen him a lot, and recently, too. Damn useless brain. ["His name is Peter Michael Goetz. I know him best as the father-in-law from the Father of the Bride remake, but he also played Rory's biological grandfather on Gilmore Girls this year." -- Wing Chun] C.J. arrives and greets him as "Paul"; he greets her as "Claudia." C.J. asks Bonnie to stand guard outside the door. Bonnie's thinking, "I guess that's what I get for doing a liberal arts degree." Paul mentions that he was brought in through the basement; and that he's never had that happen in the two or three hundred times he's been there before. He asks, "Whattaya got in front?" C.J. replies, "The White House press corps." She explains, "I need thirty minutes, night after tomorrow." Paul: "C.J., what the hell are you guys planning for Haiti?" She says it's not Haiti, and also that she's not going to tell him. Paul wonders what he's supposed to tell his news director. C.J. suggests, "Tell him it's your network." Paul retorts, "It's not my network. It belongs to a company that belongs to stockholders. So what am I supposed to tell my news director?" C.J. suggests that Paul tell the news director that he needs thirty minutes Wednesday night: "On Wednesday morning, I'll tell you why. You pick the interviewer; they'll have ten hours to prepare." Paul: "Just the President?" C.J.: "The President and First Lady." Paul thinks for a moment and then says, "So, we just get the interviewer and the network logo?" C.J. nixes the network logo. She argues that she has to get two other networks and CNN to pick it up live, and it's bad enough that it won't be one of their own interviewers: "But they'll run an old Petticoat Junction before they put your network brand on their air!" Paul asks her to tell him, between friends, if the water is over her head. C.J. evenly replies, "No. The water's exactly at my head." Paul says he'll talk to Jeremy (the news director, I assume). C.J. stands and shakes his hand, saying, "Paul, we'll start to leak Wednesday morning to soften up the ground a little, but anything leaks before then and I'll take my business across the street." Paul gets it.

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