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20 Hours in America, Part I

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"Didn't Vote For Him The First Time. Don't Plan To The Second Time."

After the commercial, Donna, Toby, and Josh are bombing along in a Jeep-type vehicle (possibly an actual Jeep; what do I know or care about cars?) driven by a scruffy-haired teenager. Donna, in the front seat, remarks that it's great that Tyler is volunteering to work for a campaign when he's not even old enough to vote. Tyler says that they get school credit for it. Donna thinks that's great. He says that's not the only reason he did it. Donna asks whether he likes Bartlet. Tyler says he thinks he's okay, but that most of his friends are for Writchie. In the back seat, Toby and Josh don't speak, particularly not to each other. Tyler explains that his friends aren't that political, it's just that they're following their parents' ideas about whom to support. Josh opens his mouth to speak, and just leaves it open for a bit, until he comes out with, "'He pretends there are no energy alternatives 'cause he can't think of any.' That wasn't in the staff copy yesterday, How'd it make it into the speech today?' Josh repeats the quotation. Toby corrects him: "'They. They can't think of any.'" Josh says that when they were touring flood damage in Missouri last Thursday, POTUS said four times that "'emergency management's complex.'" Toby says it is complex. Josh wonders what that matters to people who just lost their house, and are beset by the complexity of trying to find a place for their kids to sleep? Toby snipes, "Thanks, 'cause I was having a tough time prioritizing that one." Josh recites, "Sustainable growth in Michigan, new economy in Ohio, information technology in Pennsylvania. That's what you talk about in September. That's what we mapped out a year ago. You and Bruno and the President are calling audibles." Toby responds, "That's 'cause we're coming to the line and we're seeing a hairdo from Florida in pass coverage and so that's where we want to put the ball...what's your concern?" Josh says he has any number of concerns, not the least of which is losing. Toby doesn't think they'll lose. Josh: "When did we decide to make this about being the smartest kid in the class? What meeting did I miss?"

Tyler announces that he has to pull over for a minute. He pulls over, and calls out to one of three girls pushing their bikes along the road: "Kiki!" He gets out and complains to her, "You don't return phone calls anymore!" She says, "I return some." He says, "Thanks a lot." She says that they have to get back to school. He wants to know about all the stuff he's sent to her house. She'd like that to stop, and says it's kind of creepy. As the DC Three watch in puzzlement, Tyler's had enough: "Yeah, you know what? Sue me, I guess, because I love you! Place me under arrest, Kiki! Let's everybody do that! Let's everybody get a, a, writ of injustice, lock me up, and throw the book!" Josh stands up in the Jeep and says, "Tyler?" He replies, "Just a second, Mr. Lyman." Tyler's voice sounds really familiar, but I don't recognize the actor. Kiki pleads, "You can't be Creepy Stalking Guy, okay? You're not that guy, Tyler." I dunno, I think he's got a pretty good shot at it. Kiki says Tyler's better than that. Donna mutters to her cohorts, "Not that much better." Josh says to her, "Would you get in there?"

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