West Wing
20 Hours in America, Part I

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"Didn't Vote For Him The First Time. Don't Plan To The Second Time."

Donna gets out of the Jeep as one of Kiki's friends advises Tyler to move on and "live in the now." Donna says she's sorry to interrupt this private moment between Kiki and Tyler and their two friends, and starts to explain their situation. The third friend says quickly, "We know who you are. We're not rednecks." Well, I don't think it would necessarily mark them as rednecks if they didn't recognize the Director of Communications, the Deputy Chief of Staff, and the Deputy Deputy Chief of Staff right off the bat. My God, when a significant percentage of Americans can't actually even name the President at any given time, I'm a little incredulous that Teenage Girl #3 knows who the DC Three are. It seems like just an excuse to point up the urban politico/rural Everyperson schism, in case you haven't been paying attention. Donna introduces herself anyway, as does Josh. Toby states his name. Josh shoots him a look and Toby adds, "I work at the White House." "Live In The Now" Girl (I think) comments, "Wow. Humongous whoop." Hee. Josh laughs and argues, "Come on, he's Communications Director! It's a decent-sized whoop." She asks, "How many unborn babies did you guys kill today?" Oh, for...I don't even know what to do with this comment, because I just have trouble imagining the conversation going this way this quickly. Josh sobers up and says, "Whoa...hey...danger, Will Robinson. Tyler, no fooling around. We have fifteen minutes to get to a plane that is three miles from here." He says it's taking off at one o'clock. Tyler repeats this. Kiki looks at her watch and inquires, "Are you guys stupid or something? It's 1:45 right now." Josh says it's 12:45. Kiki smirks, "No, not here, it's not." Donna: "Oh my God, she's right." Tyler explains that they crossed over from Unionville into Dearborn County, which doesn't observe Daylight Saving Time. (Only he says "Savings," as many people do.) Kiki says, "I think it's the other way around, genius." Tyler: "What did I ever do to you?" Pestered the hell out of her? Donna says the schedule says that all times are local: "This is why I couldn't get anyone on their cell." Josh is still struggling to assimilate the information. "We changed time zones?" Donna gives him a sheepish, silent response. Josh wigs out and starts screeching about changing time zones. Tyler says it's a common mistake. Josh screeches: "Not for the U.S. Government!" Toby bitches, "What kind of schmuck-ass system can this possibly..." "Schmuck-ass"? That's a new one on me. I'll have to remember that one. Josh goes screaming off down the road a little way, as Toby babbles his incomprehension, wondering whether people reset their watches when they commute.

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