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20 Hours in America, Part I

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"Didn't Vote For Him The First Time. Don't Plan To The Second Time."

C.J. comes down the walkway and catches up with Bruno. She tells him about the apron-and-rolling-pin kafuffle. She says that Abby was on a TV show yesterday, and was asked about the suspension of her medical license, to which she gave some reply along the lines of "I'm just a wife and mother." Bruno asks, "And that has been interpreted in some circles as 'merely' a wife and mother?" C.J. quotes someone named Flint Aldridge, whom she describes as a Southern Baptist radio show host: "'This is another sign that Abby Bartlet is a liberal, elitist feminist.'" Bruno complains, "'Elitist feminist.' You can't do that to the English language." C.J.'s also got a comment from Janet Writchie, whom Bruno is surprised to hear went on the record. She said, "Being a wife and mother are the most rewarding roles I've ever played. I think Abby Bartlet and I have two different ambitions." Bruno says that Janet wins fifty dollars, because she said the secret word: ambition. "Phyllis Schlafly and Ann Coulter are going to have a square dance." Well, whatever turns them on, I guess. C.J. tells Bruno, "Anyway, it's waiting for us down there on the ground." Bruno suggests that in that case they stay up there and have drinks. It's more in a collegial way than a lecherous way, for those who've come to expect the latter. In the background the pilot announces they've begun their descent. Bruno asks, "Janet Writchie really went on the record?" C.J. confirms this. Bruno, with an obnoxious little wink: "I love it when the women get involved." Oy, what a tiresome schmuck. Schmuck-ass, even. C.J. just kind of gives him a mild questioning look as he walks away. I suppose those of us who are so inclined can stew about where this is going during the commercials. Everybody else can think about pie, or something.

Black screen. 3:30 - President met with Secretary Bryce. Joined by Messrs. Wendel, Lee, Aldee and Stanislous and Ms. Wissinger. Hey, would that be Sarah Wissinger, also known as Wissenslut, if Mandy's to be believed? The one who gave Josh a smoking jacket? 3:35 - President met with Mr. Lien. Joined by Mr. McGarry. 3:45 - Photo op with Mr. Keith (Re-scheduled).

Ginger and Sam pedeconference. Ginger's briefing Sam on POTUS's upcoming meetings, and says that the first two are easy. She says he's talking to Bryce about why the department didn't participate more in...something Sam already knows about, so she doesn't tell us. Then he's meeting with Peter Lien, and then a photo op, which she says is with some guy who's shaken the hand of every President since Hoover. Sam asks, "Do we have some sort of condensed...Reader's Digest index...of, well...all human knowledge?" I thought that was Bartlet's claim to fame. Ginger: "We usually just use Margaret." Hee. As they part, he asks for his notes from this morning's speech in Bloomfield. She's got them out. Sam runs into Bruno and asks him, "Hey...were there women with aprons and rolling pins at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin this morning?" Bruno says there were. Sam asks why. Bruno: "Abby Bartlet's a lesbian." Sam doesn't know what to say, but suspects that it explains some of POTUS's moods.

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