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20 Hours in America, Part I

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"Didn't Vote For Him The First Time. Don't Plan To The Second Time."

Bruno enters the Roosevelt Room, where C.J.'s waiting to pounce: "What the hell does that mean, 'I love it when the women get involved'?" Bruno asks the staffer in front of him, "She's talking to me, right?" Is that Larry with a much shorter haircut? No, my eyes are playing tricks. Bruno says that he's not talking about Abby and Janet: "I'm talking about the women, the voters, continuing their unbroken streak. The biggest nonsense issue in the campaign issue will belong to the women." Oh, what a crock. Women have no monopoly on nonsense issues at campaign time or any other. Bruno continues: "'Does Abby Bartlet love her children?' Next week: 'Grandpa: Friend or foe?'" Sod off, schmuck. C.J. says, "This is not a woman's issue. This is a dumb woman's issue." Um, okay. Probably some of them vote too, though. Bruno says, "I think anybody who's got a five-point majority and still doesn't control the agenda might be spending a little too much time reading about how to get a man over his fear of commitment." Yeah, that's why women voters don't control the agenda. C.J.: "Remind me to mention that to the population of South Africa." Bruno: "You know what? In the scheme of things, took 'em about five minutes." "Five minutes"? Uh, okay. C.J. asks if they can start.Bruno says yes. C.J. mutters, "Several of the men I've dated haven't yet gotten over their fear of frogs." Bruno: "Okay." I suppose it's just me, but I'm finding this whole exchange somewhat inane. A staffer asks whether anybody's seen tape of this rolling-pin incident yet. C.J. hasn't. Someone -- probably Carol -- says that they're getting it. Bruno says that she was asked about her license and said that, right now, she's just a wife and mother. The staffer suggests that their first option is to make a joke out of it. Bruno wonders sarcastically what they would have to do to it to make a joke out of it. C.J. says that the rolling pins took care of that. Bruno: "It is prêt-à-porter." C.J. tells Carol to remind her to get Josh in on this.

Back in Hicksville, Tyler's whizzing the DC Three to a train station, but first they stop to eat. As they get out of the car, we can see that none of them seem to have been wearing their seatbelts, thereby setting a bad example for twenty-some-odd million viewers. Tsk tsk. Josh sighs, "It's Monday." Donna: "Yeah. Why?" As they trudge into a diner, Josh says it's nothing, just something he said. He tells everybody, "Ten minutes. We get the stuff to go." Donna buys a paper on their way in. Inside, Toby asks Tyler what a Hoosier is. Tyler tells him that it's someone from Indiana. That seems like something the smartest kid in the class would know. And I don't think Toby was checking to see if Tyler knew, so I don't know what that was about. Maybe he wanted to know why Indianans are called Hoosiers. I can't begin to imagine what would make him think Tyler would know, though.

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