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20 Hours in America, Part I

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"Didn't Vote For Him The First Time. Don't Plan To The Second Time."

Toby sits down at the counter and asks what's good. The woman at the counter isn't in the greatest mood and seems like she's got no time for chit-chat. She just says, "Everything." Toby: "What's your specialty?" Waiter: "Taking someone's order and giving it to 'em." Okay! She says, "I saw you drive up. You people gonna cause trouble." Toby: "I swear, not on purpose." She says -- gesturing to Tyler, who's sitting at a table with Josh and Donna -- "Every time he comes around here, there's trouble. I don't want leaflets in my place! You handin' out leaflets?" Toby says no, they just want food. She asks again what he needs. Toby can't resist one more try: "You wouldn't say there was some sort of local delicacy...?" She's had enough: "I'm getting mah husband." She takes off. Toby puts down the menu, and asks the guy a couple of stools over -- who's watching the TV -- whether he would mind if Toby changed the channel to CNN for a minute. He explains that he wants to check in with what's going on. The local -- who's got slight Norman Fell-ish features -- says that Earl and Fiona don't get cable TV. He says that three channels are enough. He adds that the picture's fuzzy today, and that he thinks they're going to get "weather." He turns back to the TV as Toby sticks some gum in his mouth. Earl comes out and says to Toby, "What the hell, boy?" Toby says that he was just asking what's good. Earl: "Yeah?" Toby says that they'll take four cheeseburgers. Okay, now we know for sure Toby doesn't keep kosher. Earl warms a little and says, "The dry rub is good." Toby: "Dry rub?" Earl explains that you dry rub the beef with spices for a day or two. Someone commented in the forums that you only do this with pork, but I can't see why it can't be done with beef. Earl adds: "Sauce is a myth." Toby's willing to go along. He glances at Fiona, who's glaring at him. He says, "See, Fiona, this is what I was talking about." She says, "Oh, shut up!" and walks off. Nice customer-service approach. Toby says that they'll take it to go. Earl says, "She's been in a bad mood now for...well, about forty-five years now, I guess." Aw. Poor long-suffering guys and all these pesky, bitchy women.

Over at the table, Donna tells Josh that when he said it's Monday, she flashed on the song. Meaning, The Boomtown Rats' "I Don't Like Mondays." There's a song I heard about seven thousand times too many back in the day. She says she learned a few days ago that the song is based on the story of a girl who shot up her school one morning and, when asked why, explained, "I don't like Mondays." Josh knew that. Donna seems surprised. Josh is brusque, and Donna apologizes again about the time zones.

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