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20 Hours in America, Part I

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"Didn't Vote For Him The First Time. Don't Plan To The Second Time."

Sam's waiting in the Oval Office when Jed comes in, loaded for bear, complaining that Seth Weinberger's assistant has come forward with the information that Weinberger was having an affair with a colleague, and a newspaper has printed it. None of which seems particularly surprising. Sam asks what the assistant's thing is. Jed: "You tell me! He'd already stepped down over the OSHA thing. It's been two months. This is an assistant getting her name in the paper. It's unbelievably hurtful to his wife! I don't understand it! I don't understand the paper printing it, either, but that's another day. This is terrible!" Charlie brings in Secretary Mitch Bryce and his people for the 3:30 appointment. Sam asks whether there's a place POTUS would like Sam to stand or sit. Jed: "Just rock 'n' roll, Sam. Sam ponders that as a bunch of people file in and sit down. Larry advises Sam on where Josh usually stands.

Bryce -- who is played by some guy who seems familiar; I feel like I've seen him on 24 or something, maybe Law and Order -- starts out by saying that he thinks Jed could seek Commerce's input on...he doesn't finish his sentence, and says he's not going to tell Bartlet what to seek input on. Sam interjects, "Actually, Mr. Secretary, if you're talking about the stump speech, and energy in particular, that's not the President's fault, that's mine. I was just looking at my notes...." Jed interrupts and says, "We have your input. You're talking about the exemption." Bryce declares: "It is sheer lunacy to suggest America takes [sic] unilateral steps while exempting 80% of the world's nations from the same the obligations." Jed: "Developing nations. And I think what's lunacy is a nation of SUVs telling a nation of bicycles that they have to change the way they live before we'll agree to do something about greenhouse emissions." Word. Bryce replies, "Among our economic competitors there's the principle of fairness." Jed raises his voice: "Well, in international law, there's a principle called differentiated responsibility. We're the ones making the greenhouse gas!" Oh, my. Wordy McWord. Someone seems to applaud, and Ed looks at his watch and says, "Forty-seven seconds." He beams. Someone asks who had forty-seven seconds. You know, I can believe they have a pool for stuff like this, but I'm not sure I buy that they discuss it openly in the meeting. Bryce tries a different tack: "You're losing the support of the business community. Jed tells him that it's not Bryce's job to tell Jed whose support he's losing; he gestures to Sam and says that they have people who do that. Jed says it's Bryce's job to tell Jed whose support he just got for him. Bryce accepts his marching orders and marches.

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