West Wing
20 Hours in America, Part I

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"Didn't Vote For Him The First Time. Don't Plan To The Second Time."

As the meeting breaks up, Jed says to Larry, "Ed..." Larry says that he's Larry. Jed: "Whatever." He mentions the Weinberger thing. Larry saw it. Jed says, "I don't think a lot of blind loyalty, but I think a lot less of blind betrayal." Larry confides: "That's why I haven't gotten married yet, sir." Jed: "Yeah, that's probably why." Snerk. Charlie announces Congressman Lien. Jed asks someone to get Leo for him.

As Peter Lien comes in with his assistant, Jed asks whether Lien heard Charlie call him "Congressman." Lien did. They shake hands. Jed asks, "You think when your folks got you out in '74, they imagined they were taking you to a place that was willing to make you a Congressman?" Lien replies, "As a matter of fact, sir, I think that's exactly what they imagined." You know, I like Jed, but this exchange feels icky and patronizing. Jed: "Me too. How's fishing?" Lien says it's been a good season. Jed asks whether he's caught any marlin. Lien explains that marlin is a game fish, and that not many people eat them. Jed: "It takes a fisherman to catch one, though, right?" Lien agrees. Jed says he's just saying.

Leo comes in and Jed introduces them: "Leo, meet Congressman Peter Lien, Texas 22nd. Peter, this is Leo McGarry, U.S. Air Force, 144th Fighter Wing." They shake hands. Jed tells Leo, "Peter's family fishes in Galveston Bay, but they don't catch marlin. It's a sore spot and he doesn't like to talk about it. Peter's thirty-four years old." Leo apologizes for the fact that it's been two months and they haven't been able to get him up there before now. Lien understands and says it's a busy time; if he can give them any help in Texas... Jed says, "Ordinarily I would tell you that Jim Coor was a good public servant, and you've got big shoes to fill, and he was, and you do, but obviously you have a bigger symbolic responsibility than that." Lien: "Yes, sir." Jed continues: "But your biggest responsibility isn't symbolic, right?" He knows. Jed asks what it is. Lien replies, "It's my district, my country, and the Congress of the United States." Jed decides to drag Emerson, Lake and Palmer into it and says, "Welcome, my friend, to the show that never ends." They shake hands and pose for pictures. Lien leaves. Jed says to Leo, "Isn't that a hell of a thing? What's next?" Sam, Leo, Larry and staffers all close around the President. Someone throws Brain Salad Surgery on the CD player.

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