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20 Hours in America, Part I

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"Didn't Vote For Him The First Time. Don't Plan To The Second Time."

The truck stops altogether, and Cathy gets out and says they're out of gas. Cap corrects her: "Diesel." Toby: "Nobody cares." Well, aren't you friendly? Donna says there's a gas station down the road. Cap says that they don't have diesel. Wouldn't Cathy know that? Owners of diesel vehicles have to know where the stations are that sell it, because most don't, and it can be a long way between the ones that do. We've had some fun times when travelling in towns and cities we're not familiar with, trying to find a diesel station when we needed one. Josh stands up, belly-to-belly with Cap, and asks quietly whether they've run out of gas because Josh said Cathy was wholesome, but not too wholesome. Cap says that he can't make a car run out of gas. Josh mumbles to himself: "I don't know. You can make glow plugs explode things." Donna asks where the closest diesel is; Cap says ten miles. Donna tries to figure stuff out: they've missed Unionville, and they've got a bit more than an hour until the plane leaves, and they can make it if they call a volunteer to pick them up at the gas station. She adds, "You guys can have the tow truck meet you there." Cathy says they're not calling a tow truck; it's just out of gas. She seems awfully unconcerned about being late for work, by the way. Cap corrects her again on the gas/diesel thing. Cathy says they'll just hitch back to the farm and pick some up. I don't believe they wouldn't carry a can in the back of this truck. Preposterous. Josh asks, "Somebody's gonna pick you up out here?" On cue, a truck approaches, Cap gestures, and the guy stops. He asks whether they need a lift back to the farm. Cathy tells the driver, "Cy, these guys work for Bartlet." Josh waves and says, "How you doing?" Cy: "Didn't vote for him the first time. Don't plan to the second time." Josh says nothing. Cathy wishes them a good trip, and asks them to remember some of the stuff she said. Josh thanks her for all the help. As they drive off, Josh starts giving Donna orders again to do...well, exactly what she's already doing. She gives him a look. Toby hasn't moved from his position in the back of the truck. Josh, looking around: "This is fun! We're roughing it!" Yeah, I burst out laughing at that one. What a rube. Toby grimaces and makes that little finger-rubbing gesture that he does when he's aggravated. Josh repeats quietly, "This is fun."

Margaret comes in to tell Leo the Chairman's here. She asks whether he has any idea why there were women with aprons and rolling pins at Mrs. Bartlet's Madison event this morning. Leo asks how in the blue blazes he would know. No actually, he just asks Margaret to elaborate, which she does, being Margaret. A friend of hers went to hear Abby speak and there were twenty women in back wearing aprons and holding rolling pins. Maybe they thought they were at the Pillsbury Bake-Off. Leo doesn't know: "Maybe they were making pies?" Margaret wants to talk about it, but Leo just wants her to send in his appointment. Fitz comes in and closes the door. He says, "The tracks are covered." Leo: "Yeah." He doesn't sound convinced. Fitz: "We did a legitimate SAR with the UK and Royal Qumari Guard." (I believe SAR is search and rescue.) He adds, "This is a plane that went down in the Bermuda Triangle. Plain and simple." Leo wonders whether these Bermuda Triangle things really happen. Fitz seems amazed that Leo would ask. Leo says he thought it might be like Toscanini landing in a corn field. Fitz cites the many conveyances that have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Leo wonders whether there's a chance that they could find the plane. Fitz says, "We dismantled the ELT, left the plane in twenty-seven pieces, scattered among other wrecks, buried in underwater landslides and limestone cliffs. And if they find the plane, there's still no evidence of anything being anything." Fitz says that there were SEALS and Special Ops doing the job who knew what they were doing. Leo accepts this and suggests that they stay in touch during the day. As Fitz nears the door, Leo asks, "Just out of curiosity, what do you think would happen?" Fitz says, "I don't know what would happen to you and me, but I'm pretty sure the President would be invited to see the inside of the Hague." Leo's all tough-guy, and says they can invite all they want; he isn't going. Why, exactly, should POTUS be exempt from the same consequences as leaders of the other sixty-one member states? Just because he's the P of TUS? Oh, okay. Fitz suggests that this might be a good time for Leo to reconsider their position on an international war crimes tribunal. Leo: "Perhaps this would be a good time for you to..." Fitz: "Get out of your office." He leaves saying he'll talk to Leo later.

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