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20 Hours in America, Part II

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The Road Not Taken

Nancy comes into the Situation Room, where Leo and Fitz are talking. It's a first, people: Nancy and Fitz in the same room at the same time! At least I think so. This is my fourth year on this show, and things are starting to blur at times. Not to mention that this is my fourth recap in five days and frankly, if everyone starting speaking Finnish, I think I'd hardly notice. I'd just make something up. Anyway, Nancy greets them, "Leo. Yeoman Fitzwallace." Fitz replies, "Dr. McNally." She declares, "Let's attack." Leo: "Who?" Nancy: "Those blasted Australians. I've had all I can take of their damn dingoes and..." No, no. She wants to attack Qumar. She wants to recommend to POTUS that they attack. Leo: "Why?" Nancy: "Because I've had it!" Fitz: "I don't think the UN's gonna let us do it for that reason." Nancy: "That's 'cause you're a sissy!" Well, these two must be the best of friends to talk to each other like that. Or maybe she can just get away with it because she outranks him. Does she outrank him, or the other way around? I think she does. Nancy rants, "You want peace in the Middle East? Give me a pair of third-generation ICBMs and a compass. You got B-2 Spirit stealth bombers over Qumar right now, as if the Qumari Air Defense System requires stealth capability. Just fly in at night, and while you're at it, could you order the USS Louisiana to fire off a D-5 Trident just to see if it works? What's the worst that could happen?" Fitz to Leo: "Is she talking to me?" Nancy shouts: "Yes!" Fitz: "Well, 98% of all living organisms within a seven-mile radius would die instantly in a torrent of fire." Nancy taunts him: "Admiral Sissy-Mary..." Oh, just kiss already (tm Shack). She sits down. "We're running out of options on the menu." Leo: "What's happened?" She explains that there's intelligence that Qumar has a tape of a cell phone call that Shareef made from the plane. Fitz insists that there isn't; they disabled the phones, monitored communication from the plane, bugged Shareef, and replaced his cell phone battery with a fake. Fitz: "There is no tape. There was no phone call." Leo: "Why are they saying there is? It's to provoke a response, right?" Nancy: "Yeah." Leo: "And they're using the Act V scene from Hamlet? Are these Batman villains?" Nancy states, "They're building a case for sure, but I think we gotta start talking about, there's something worse than Qumar saying it was us." Leo looks at Fitz, who says, "She's right." Leo: "What?" Fitz: "Qumar saying it was someone else." They all look grave.

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