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20 Hours in America, Part II

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The Road Not Taken

Turning back to Debbie, Jed asks, "Why were you fired?" She says there was no particular reason. Jed thinks that doesn't sound quite right. Debbie: "No?" Jed asks again. She asks, "Is it relevant?" Jed: "Only because you're asking for a job." She says, "Chronic lateness." Jed doesn't believe her. She says it's true. Jed says it's not. Debbie: "You calling me a liar to me face?" Jed says yes. She says okay. Charlie told Jed it was because of Charlie. She says that Charlie makes things up. Jed says he doesn't. Debbie: "He's a bad seed! I knew it the moment I saw him." Jed's getting tired of this and says that he's now ordering her to tell him. Actually, she's neither an employee of the federal government nor a member of the military, so can he really order her to do anything? I'm sure he's used to throwing his weight around nonetheless. Debbie replies, "Well, I'm afraid we're at a classic impasse, Mr. President." Jed says she was strange the first time he met her, and she's strange now. She says there was a good reason she was strange the first time they met: she was high. Hey, good strategy to remind him of that. I think I might set up a business training applicants to the White House in what not to say during interviews. She says: "This time, it's just me." He asks again why she was fired. She refuses to answer. He says he'll figure it out anyway: "What I lack in memory, I more than make up for with exceptional powers of deductive reasoning." Debbie: "That come with tights and a cape?" Jed: "All right, I think the interview's over." They rise and shake hands. She says, "But let's do this every once in a while." He thanks her and she leaves. Charlie opens the door for Debbie just as she gets near it. How does he do that? He's always opening the door at just the right moment. Is he psychic? Does he listen at the door with a glass? Does Jed secretly press a little button on his desk that alerts Charlie? Maybe Charlie has a closed-circuit camera for Jed's office. That must be it.

As Debbie walks out of the Oval Office, and Charlie closes the door behind them, there's a man standing there talking to some other woman. Sam's standing there in the background, too. McKittridge says, "Debbie?" She says, "Mr. McKittridge?" He wants to know what she's doing there. She stutters that she was interviewing. McKittridge glares at Charlie, asking, "Charlie, how many times do we have to..." Charlie says, "I know, but I brought her in." Debbie says it doesn't matter because she's not getting the job. McKittridge snaps at her, "It does matter. There's a way that it works." Just then, Jed comes out of his office, hollering, "Brian Dweck, CFO of Colfax and contributor to Representative Mark McKittridge, whose brother is the Director of the White House Office of Presidential Personnel, wants a job for his son, David -- 'Wants a Dwink of Wawa.' My powers of deduction are not to be mocked." Way to go, Encyclopedia Brown. You've solved the Case of the Incredibly Atypical Nepotistic Government Hiring Situation. Can you get on the mystery of How Charlie Knows When To Open The Door next? And after that: Why Toby And Josh Have No Cell Phones? McKittridge commences the ass-covering, saying, "Mr. President, whatever she told you, I assure you..." Jed barks that she didn't tell him anything. He ordered her to and...he turns to Charlie and says, "By the way, my powers of ordering are a joke. I can create an agency but I can't get her to..." So long as you know it. He tells McKittridge: "She didn't give you up." He goes back into his office. Sam follows him in. Man, the lighting in this scene just gets more and more orangey. It's as if it's completely lit by candles. Sam closes the door. Jed stands behind his desk with his hands in his pockets. Sam asks, "Was she funny?" Jed thinks, looks up and says, "Have the agents stop her at the door for a second." He runs out. Sam picks up the phone.

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