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20 Hours in America, Part II

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The Road Not Taken

Jed rushes down the hall -- even jogs a little past the bullpen -- Secret Service guys and Charlie accreting to him as he goes. Eagle is moving. He catches up with her at security and says, "Debbie." She replies, "Yes, sir?" He asks, "Where's the dollar?" Debbie: "I'm sorry, sir?" He asks, "What's the dollar doing right now?" She replies, "Oh, it's down, .3% against the yen, .4% against the Euro." He studies her face. She glances at Charlie. Jed looks at Charlie, and makes a gentle sweeping gesture toward her with his index finger. He walks away without a word. Yeah, you could see that one coming a mile away but I still kind of liked it. Charlie and Debbie exchange glances. By the door, Nancy tells Jed that FLOTUS is back. He chuckles and says, "Bring her on." Time for commercials.

Black screen. 8:25 - President attended DNC fundraiser at Capital Hilton. 8:33 - Called-p-Sec. Berryhill, Sec. Hutchinson. Jed runs into a waiter outside the First Bedroom taking away a cart and asks him if FLOTUS is inside. The guy says she is. Jed says, "Suppertime!" He opens the door and says, "Medea? You home?" She's in the bathroom. He quotes, "'Political experts seem surprised by the Bartlet campaign's decision to position their candidate against motherhood, said one spokesperson.'" Abby meets him at the door in a robe, hair a mess, and contrite as hell. She says how sorry she is, and wonders if she can talk to the staff. Jed's completely thrown: it's not the reaction he expected. He was all ready for some feisty sparring. She goes on about how she screwed up. He says it was totally benign: "These women are out of their minds! We're laughing about it here." Abby says sadly that nobody's laughing. He tells her to turn on C.J.'s press briefing. They're booking her into Caesar's. Abby asks, "You don't think it's going to be a problem?" He says warmly that it's not. She replies, "Then get off my back, jackass." Jed: "Ah, you pulled the switcheroo." She walks over to a chest of drawers that's almost taller than she is -- and okay, she's short, but seriously, the top drawer is at eye level -- pulls out some stockings, and complains, "You are so heartbreakingly easy at the end of the day!" Jed: "You deceived me." Abby: "You called me 'Medea.'" Jed says she played on his love for her. Abby: "Oh, who gives a damn?" Jed walks in to the bathroom, removing his jacket, and says, "I hired someone today." She's surprised and asks who it is. He tells her Debbie Fiderer's name and that she used to work at the White House. Abby doesn't remember her. Jed says her name used to be DiLaGuardia. Abby knows who she is now: "She's great." Jed comes out of the washroom, asking, "She doesn't scare you a little?" Abby: "She scares you?" Jed, unconvincingly: "No." He says he's getting dressed for "the thing." Abby calls out, "I'm going to make fun of you while you do, okay?" He says yeah. Abby turns on the TV and watches C.J. at the press briefing.

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