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Backstage at the convention center. A fucking subtitle reminds us that it's the 6:35 AM on Day Two of the Democratic National Convention. A worker throws a stack of "Hoynes" signs into a dumpster.

Russell war room. Russell has gone back to the hotel to try to sleep. Will is going over the whiteboard while Donna brings back the coffee she fetched for the two of them. Will is hoarse from all the yelling he did. They discuss some of the states, and Will tells Donna that he thinks Bundy has too much momentum. She suggests that they approach Josh about putting Santos into the Veep spot again, and Will tells her that he thinks it might be better if Russell were Santos's V.P. choice.

Santos war room. Josh has a phone clutched to his chest. Ronna enters and tells Josh that she thought he was going to go back to the hotel for a shower. Which I think is a hint. She also tells him that CNN called -- they're proposing a debate that afternoon among Russell, Santos, and Bundy. Josh doesn't get why they would do that. I have to agree -- the fight here is not over the hearts and minds of Democratic voters. It's over the hearts and minds of a few thousand delegates. Josh calls over to Ned, who is face down on his desk. Josh calls over again, and throws something at him pretty hard, waking him up. Josh tells Ned that they can't win without the teachers, but that if they get the teachers, they can pick up several northeastern states (including New York) and maybe Ohio. Bram, angel of common sense, points out that teachers' unions hate Santos because of his proposal to eliminate teacher tenure. Josh thinks he needs to convince Gambelli (teachers' union president) to support Santos. He looks over at Bram and asks, "Is that a clean shirt?" And then he says, "Gimme." Hee. Josh takes off his shirt, revealing a tank top undershirt. Bram is wearing a t-shirt. Come on, Josh -- surely you need to borrow Bram's undershirt as well. (And I have to say, as hot as Bram is, there are surprisingly few men who look good in a white undershirt, no matter what they look like dressed or undressed. Unfortunately, Bram is not among that lucky few.) Josh tells everyone to start calling all of their delegations again, and to start offering jobs if necessary. In the background, Bram picks up Josh's shirt, sniffs it, and then drops it onto the table.

Gambelli's hotel room. He thinks Josh is joking. He also reminds Josh that 11% of the delegates are from teachers' unions -- the point being, I think, that Santos was a moron for ever taking them on in the first place. Just like Vinick was a moron for taking on the anti-choice movement in the Republican race. Oh, wait. Bad example. Josh tries to tell Gambelli that even if Santos is asking teachers to give up tenure, he is offering them much more in return (including higher salaries and more training for teachers). Gambelli thinks that Santos's opposition to teacher tenure was designed to make him look brave, by showing him as willing to take on an important Democratic constituency. Josh doesn't deny it, but he thinks it's more important for the teachers to be able to work with Santos than to face whatever Vinick would do to them after he wins. But Gambelli won't encourage any teachers to support Santos unless he drops his anti-tenure proposal.

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