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Will and Donna exit an elevator and walk down a hotel corridor. They've also received information about Mrs. Bundy -- in this case, that she's been taking anti-depressants for seven years. Will points out that during the Veep vetting process, Bundy never mentioned this. Donna thinks they can't use the info: "It's clinging to eighteenth-century stereotypes of mental illness. Why not attack her for having consumption?" I think it's more on the order of clinging to early twentieth-century stereotypes of mental illness, but I agree that it sucks. I also think it's something that would have been an issue in the 1970s (Thomas Eagleton) or 1980s (Kitty Dukakis), but that would not raise an eyebrow today. I mean, who doesn't know people who take anti-depressants nowadays? It's the only way all of my friends in D.C. are able to make it through the current administration. But Will rationalizes that the real issue is Bundy's failure to disclose. Which is bullshit. You should only be in trouble for failing to disclose things that are important. A family member's illness does not fit into that category. Donna tries to get Will not to do it, pointing out that Bingo Bob will only do it if Will tells him to. But Will has already sold his soul, so he enters the Russell suite to bring the information to Bob.

A newscaster reports that, after the third ballot (so, presumably, at the end of the second night), the convention is still deadlocked. Bundy is watching, and as the newscaster discusses the impact of the revelation about Mrs. Bundy's depression, the camera moves a bit and we see that Mrs. Bundy is watching with him. (She's not played by Katey Sagal, alas.) After a couple of seconds, she gets up and walks away while a reporter on the floor recites the "it's not the depression, it's the failure to disclose the depression" bullshit.

Backstage at the convention hall. A fucking subtitle tells us that it's 7:28 AM on Day Three. (And yes, it still is the Democratic National Convention). Josh is sitting on the ground, leaning against a concrete pillar, head hunched over. Leo walks up to him and says his name a couple of times, finally saying it loud enough to wake him up. Leo hands him a cup of coffee and asks when he last slept in a bed. Josh is still waking up, and doesn't say anything. Leo grabs a chair to sit on, and tells Josh that the ratings for the second night of the convention are huge -- fifty-two million. Leo looks at Josh and says, "You done good, kid." Josh understands what he's saying -- Jed is going to have to step in and back a nominee. And apparently, it's not going to be Santos. Josh thinks that if there had been just one more primary, they could have had it wrapped up. Josh tells Leo that Santos won't pull out just because Josh tells him to: "He's his own man." Leo: "And here I thought I found the last one." Commercials.

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