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Santos is sitting in the mostly-empty convention hall. Leo sits down in the row behind him, a couple of seats down in the row. Leo asks him if he ever thought he'd get this far, and Santos tells him he really didn't. Leo gently says, "You have to quit, Congressman. We have to unite behind a candidate." If we're going to be behind any of them, I'd rather be behind Santos. The view is better. Santos asks if Leo thinks that either Russell or Bundy will be able to beat Vinick in November. Leo tells him that he really doesn't know, but that he does know that important and powerful people will be grateful to Santos if he backs out now. I do wish someone on this show would come up with a reason why it's Santos that should be backing down instead of somebody else. Santos asks if he'll have a chance to address the convention again. Leo tells him yes, and then gets up and walks away.

Presidential suite. Jed is looking out the window, and he asks if Santos will really step aside. Leo tells him that he thinks he will, but (in response to a question from Abbey) that he has no idea if he'll support Russell or Bundy. C.J. thinks that Vinick will mop the floor with Russell. Jed says that Russell is "famous, but unknown," and that he'll do better when he can separate himself from Jed. C.J. reminds everyone that Bingo Bob was originally shoved down their throats by the Republicans because they thought it would be easy to beat him. Abbey thinks that Bundy is a good candidate, and that the flap over his wife will blow over. C.J. looks at Jed and asks him, "Isn't it time you picked the successor you want, Mr. President?" She goes on to ask him if he should be leaving it up to "someone else," although the closed captioning has her asking if he should be leaving it up to "Matt Santos."

Backstage at the convention. Santos is looking more than a bit stressed. We can hear someone on the podium going through his introduction. Although I would assume by now that folks would know his background, since he was undoubtedly introduced on each of the first two nights. A fucking subtitle tells us that it's 8:35 PM on Day Three. Which convention are we at? Just guess. I'm sure you can figure it out. Josh walks up to Santos and asks if he's sure he doesn't want Josh to look at the speech. Santos tells him that he's fine. Santos tells Josh, "It's been a great ride." Josh asks, "What do you say we try it again sometime?" They are just staring into each other's eyes. If all these people weren't around, they would so totally be making out right now. The introduction is finished, and Santos starts to walk to entrance to the podium. Helen is waiting for him. He takes her hand, looks her in the eye, gives her a little smile, and walks out. The crowd is chanting "Santos, Santos, Santos."

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