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Backstage, Helen turns to Josh and gives him a smile and a look that says, "Look what our boy can do."

In the Presidential suite, Jed asks Leo to find Josh for him. I think that we're supposed to think that he's angry, but come on...there are only a few minutes left in the episode.

Josh exits an elevator and walks down a hotel corridor with Gambelli in tow. Gambelli tells him that it's a waste of time for him to sit down with Santos, since Santos is "virtually anti-teacher." As they get to a door with several Secret Service agents arrayed around it, Josh asks him, "Who said you were sitting down with my guy?" Gambelli notices the agents, and as the door opens, Josh introduces Gambelli to Jed.

On television, we see that Gambelli has returned to the floor of the convention, where he casts New York's 284 votes for Santos. That television is playing behind Leo, who is in a conference room alone going over some papers. Josh enters, and Leo is surprised to see him -- he thought he would be celebrating. I think the celebration will have to wait until he can be alone with Santos. Josh tells him that they still need to line up a V.P. Leo wonders if they asked Bundy. I think he'd be perfect for the job, since it basically involves sitting around on the couch with your hand shoved down your pants. They did actually ask Bundy, but he declined. And Santos was not interested in asking Russell. Leo asks if Josh wants help making a list, but Josh tells him they've narrowed it down to the guy they want. They're just not sure he'll accept. Leo wonders if Jed should call the guy to lean on him. But Josh already spoke with Jed: "He told [Josh] that he'd kick the guy's ass all over the school yard, if it came to that." Leo smiles at hearing that, and asks who it is. Josh tells him, "You," and then he gets up and walks out of the room. Leo does not have another heart attack. We hear the convention chair announce that Santos has won the nomination with 2,751 votes.

Kate walks into Toby's office and asks him if he thinks Santos has a chance against Vinick. Toby thinks not. Kate closes the door behind her and tells Toby that the leak did not come from NASA: "Too many of the technical details were off." Leo wonders why she closed the door to tell him that. She tells him that the FBI is pretty sure that the leak came from the West Wing: "They have a theory. One you're not gonna like."

At the convention, Abbey fusses over Jed's suit and asks him if he's okay. He tells her he is, "really." There is a tear in his eye, however. You can hear a speaker in the background introducing him. Abbey kisses him, with a tear in her own eye, and sends him off to the podium. On the way, he runs into Leo. There's a great shot of the two of them, in profile, facing each other, but in different planes of the shot. After a second of artful standing around, Jed takes the podium. We see Donna watching the speech from the utterly wrecked Russell war room. Jed starts the speech, and the crowd starts chanting "Four more years! Four more years!" I think I hear some other folks chanting, "Eight years, not seven! Eight years, not seven!" But that may just have been my crappy reception. Jed doesn't actually seem to give a speech. Instead, after the chanting fades away, he just introduces "the next President and Vice-President of these United States, Matthew Vincente Santos and Leo Thomas McGarry." Back in the Russell war room, we see that Josh is having a beer with Donna and Will as they watch the speech. In the convention hall, the balloons drop. Again.

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