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Russell war room. More screaming and whiteboard erasing. A bunch of northeastern states are deserting Russell. Will thinks they'll end up with 1141 delegates.

Bundy continues his interview, telling the reporters that he's "as surprised as anybody here." Yes, it comes as a complete shock to him that hundreds of signs bearing his name were made up and distributed at the convention.

In the Russell war room, Bob is paralyzed watching Bundy's interview. Will finally gets his attention long enough to describe the damage Bundy is doing to all three established candidates. Will tells Russell that he has to start working the phone to try to pick up Hoynes delegates.

In the Residence, Jed is watching Bundy's interview. Abbey comes out in a bathrobe and asks what they're doing at the convention. Jed tells her, "Eating their young." Abbey puts on her glasses and wonders when the hell Bundy got into it. Jed tells her it's been a couple of hours, and that it's a free-for-all: "I think Aaron Burr's got twenty votes." Hee. Jed picks up the phone and asks the operator to get Leo for him.

Santos war room. There's a lot of screaming and hollering as Josh, Santos, Ronna, and others work the various delegations. Josh has also apparently started doing some couple's counseling, telling someone named Ann from New Jersey, "You are not going to be left at the altar. You're gonna be wearing satin at the Elvis chapel." I guess in New Jersey that's a sign of deep commitment. (I expect to be fired by Sars for that joke. Enjoy the new recapper!) ["Fortunately, she isn't here. Lay off Saskatchewan and we'll be fine." -- Wing Chun] They continue hollering about various states. The throat lozenge budget for this episode must have been enormous. New York, which was a Russell state, is clearly going to Bundy. Santos thinks he could call Tandy, but Josh has to break the news that Tandy is not running the New York delegation. Instead, the big cheese there is Ernie Gambelli, president of the teachers' union. (Which one, they don't say.) That's clearly a lost cause for Santos, so they start to work on North Carolina.

Russell war room. Scream, holler, threaten, cajole. Will sums things up for Russell, telling him that his campaign has lost over five hundred delegates but picked up over two hundred from Hoynes, while Santos has lost just a couple hundred. In addition to the seven or eight hundred he's taken from the Santos and Russell campaigns, Bundy has picked up some states from Hoynes. Russell is still in the lead, but not by much. Donna gets off the phone and tells the two of them that Leo wants to see them.

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