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Props to Mavman and flotsam9, and shout-out to SpongeBob SherPants.

We're plunged into the turmoil that reigns over the White House following the announcements of Zoey's kidnapping and Bartlet's removal of himself from office, pursuant to the 25th Amendment. Throngs of reporters are doing stories outside the White House as people rush to and fro, inside and out. Grab your motion-sickness medicine: the camera's all over the place, and while it may indeed be intended to convey the general discombobulation everyone's feeling, it's just a bit too much. It's too ER-ish. Really skillful direction and cinematography doesn't distract you so much, doesn't call so much attention to itself. It's Hour Seven of Zoey's disappearance. Will walks over to where Josh and Toby are watching the coverage, and Josh is bitching about King Ralph in response to the qualities some talking head is attributing to the APOTUS (Acting President). Josh cites Walken's support for a $200 billion capital-gains tax cut and his opposition to waiting periods for grenade launchers as particularly problematic areas. Donna wanders in to wonder where Walken's going to sleep, and worries about whether the Bartlets are moving out of the White House. Will points out the Residence has thirteen bedrooms. Donna wonders if Walken gets a portrait. From somewhere in the back I think I hear Ginger ask, "Even if he's only President for a few days?" Will: "I don't think there's a minimum occupancy requirement." Ginger wonders about a Presidential Library. Toby: "He's not going to be here that long." I wonder about the point of having a library to honour a guy who doesn't seem to read a whole hell of a lot. Josh intently watches footage of a press briefing where Bartlet is standing off to the side of the podium, next to Big Dan Teague. Josh: "He looks small." Dude, who wouldn't next to John Goodman?

Leo asks C.J. whether anyone's heard from the kidnappers, or whether the note has shown up on Aljazeera or Sahafa yet. C.J. says it hasn't; Leo says it will. She wonders if they should release the ransom note. Casper, the Friendly FBI Agent, says that if they don't, the abductors will. Leo says that State has been talking to Islamabad about the prisoners named in the ransom note, and that Islamabad has pledged its full support. Another guy says they're asking the President's permission to issue a BOLO (be on the lookout for) the Bahji sleeper cell they lost track of yesterday. C.J.'s worried: "If we prematurely connect them with Zoey's kidnapping, we deputize every nut with a gun rack." And good gravy, that's a hell of a lot of nuts. Other guy: "They disappeared twenty-four hours before her kidnapping. It's not premature." C.J.: "You want vigilantes with baseball bats assaulting Arab-Americans?" Given the remarks made by President Flintstone in this episode, I'd say that would sit just fine with him, and with quite a lot of other people. But you can come over here and sit with me in the "voices crying in the wind" section, C.J. Plenty of room. Manhunt Guy says, "I want Zoey Bartlet back." They both look at Leo for direction. Leo says, "I'll take it to him."

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