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Back in Leo's office, Josh asks, "Those guys are on our side?" He adds, "They're not wrong, you know. We should be thinking about the political ramifications. We should be polling on this." Leo refuses. Josh: "The Republicans will." Leo: "No!" Josh says, "Okay," and leaves immediately. Leo looks like the impact of all of this is starting to hit him, and as if he regrets speaking to Josh that way. After a moment's thought, he calls Margaret in and asks her to get him Angela Blake. Margaret: "In New York?" Leo confirms this.

C.J.'s heading into another press briefing, accompanied by Carol, who's telling her they have no idea what Walken's statement says; his staff printed it up. You can bet C.J.'s thrilled about that: "Great. Hopefully we're not declaring war on Uruguay." Carol asks her what's all over her butt: "Looks like cat hairs or something." C.J.: "Oh, for God's sake." Carol asks if she got a pet. C.J. says it's President Walken. Carol: "He's molting?" Heh. I asked around the forums if pugs actually shed, and apparently, they not only shed like crazy, but they're very gassy dogs, with runny noses, and they drool, they snore, and they tend to snort like pigs. That's some appealing dog. They must have some redeeming qualities. (Frink thinks maybe dogs can smell terrorists.) Please, though, I don't need a lot of email from the pro-pug or anti-pug lobbies. Thanks. Carol starts swatting dog hair off C.J.'s skirt as Walken struts up and declares, "Back home, you have to pay extra for that at the Kit Kat Klub." Yeesh. Well, I guess it's congruent with this guy's obnoxious personality. C.J. says she got something on her skirt. She doesn't mention that it's hair from his mutt. He asks if they're ready to make this statement, and she says they are. Carol says she'll go settle the room, and as she enters, Walken winces a little from the barrage of camera flashes. He asks C.J. if his tie's straight. C.J. looks at it and says, "No." After a moment, when Walken makes no effort whatsoever to help himself, she says, "Would you like me to..." Walken nods, like he shouldn't even have had to ask, and says, "Thanks." As C.J.'s futzing with his tie, he comments, "Remarkable how that Post story hit the wires right before we released it." C.J. doesn't look at him, but keeps her eyes fixed on the knot of his tie, and I imagine it's taking all her concentration right now not to pull it tight enough so that he won't even get that last steak dinner down his gullet. His chin tilted up, his eyes slits, APOTUS says, "Bad luck for us, I guess." C.J. finishes with his tie and says, "There you go." Walken: "You know, I'm not the enemy." C.J. looks him in the eye as he says, "The things that unite us are far greater than the things that divide us. We both believe in democracy, preservation of American values, protection of our citizens in a sometimes hostile world." C.J.: "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Mr. President?" APOTUS: "Exactly." C.J.: "That what's in your statement?" Walken says it's something like that. She sighs, and advises him: "Don't look down at the front row when you answer questions. Look back at the cameras."

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