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Toby, Josh, Donna, and Will are watching the press conference about the assassination of Shareef. A reporter asks Walken, "Doesn't the murder of a foreign official undercut our moral authority to condemn human-rights violations in China and Africa?" Oh, somebody's always got to ask pesky questions like that. Walken's reply: "We live in the real world. Our moral value systems only work if everybody plays by the same rules." How have I not worn the letters W, H, A, T, E, V and R off this keyboard yet? Someone asks, "But didn't it violate the Neutrality Act of protecting citizens of friendly nations from prosecution?" Walken says, "Terrorists aren't nations." Hell, you'd never know it from the real-world events of the last two years. "And the Neutrality Act doesn't give a free pass to people who support the murder of women and children." We cut to Elizabeth, watching the TV with Abby and Ellie. Abby looks completely zoned out. She gets up and leaves without a word. A reporter asks, "Are you concerned about the appearance of a self-declared superpower flouting international law?" President Flintstone: "International law has no prohibition against any country, superpower or otherwise, targeting terrorist command and control centres. And Abdul Shareef was a walking command and control centre." Back to Will: "Damn. Good answer." Another question: "You stated that as Speaker you knew of and supported the assassination. Do you now regret that support?" Walken: "My only regret is that we only got to kill the bastard once." Frink and I both sputter at this; however honest the sentiment can be, it's pretty hard to believe any President, no matter how reckless or right-wing, would get up there and actually say that. Geez, one episode in and already the indicator on the Credulity Strain-o-Meter is broken and I've got to have it serviced. I should send the bill to John Wells. I'd better get it fixed before I have to recap the premiere of Joan of Arcadia. Frankly, I'd like it if politicians were that honest and spared us all the lies and bullshit, but as if it would ever happen. I can't believe Toby has so little reaction to this. Perhaps he's quietly snapped and no one's noticed yet. That might account for that idiotic line earlier. But if Toby ever did snap, who in her right mind would expect it to happen quietly? Will says, "The UN's going to go crazy." Donna says, "I'm sorry, but he seems...I don't know..." Josh: "Presidential?" Someone asks about whether he's going to nominate a VPOTUS, or risk having it fall to the ninety-year-old Pro Tem guy, as we cut to Jed, looking old. I guess we're done with questions about the assassination. Walken says that ensuring an orderly succession is important, but that the focus is on getting Zoey Bartlet back. He thanks them and leaves the podium. Elizabeth comes in to where Jed's sitting by himself, and after trying a couple of times to get his attention -- he's almost as zoned out as Abby -- asks, "Did Mom know?"

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