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We fade out on Jed's face to a shot of Abby mechanically making sandwiches in a very nice kitchen. Ellie's working at another table. Jed comes in, and no one reacts or seems to notice. He turns to go, and then asks Ellie to give them a minute. Abby says in a small, neutral voice, "We're making lunch." Jed suggests calling downstairs and having something sent up. Abby: "I don't want any more people in here. There are already too many people in our lives." Elizabeth arrives, asking if the noodles are ready for her kids. Ellie says they are, and that she's cutting up some fruit. Abby fixes her gaze on something other than Jed and asks, "It isn't true, is it?" Jed apologizes for her having to hear about it on television. Dude, that was the one thing you could have prevented. You knew it was going to be public -- why in God's name didn't you tell her yourself? Abby: "Why should today be any different?" Burn! Jed: "Abdul Shareef had nothing to do with what happened to Zoey." Abby says Jed doesn't know that. Jed: "It was debated and discussed and agonized over for weeks." Abby: "'Debated'? And 'discussed'? I'm here. I don't remember that." Jed barks, "It was a difficult decision!" Abby: "Made by you. Not us." Well...yeah. He's the President. It's kind of in his job description. He says he did what he thought was necessary. Abby walks out saying, "Your decisions, Jed. Not ours." Elizabeth and Ellie have kept totally quiet throughout this. Elizabeth gives her father a sad glance and Jed looks pained. He sits down at the table as Elizabeth leaves. We see Ellie with a tear running out of her eye. She picks up Jed's Notre Dame coffee mug, and takes it to him at the table. She puts it down, and bends over behind his chair to give him a hug before she walks out.

Hour Sixteen. Margaret enters Leo's darkened office to wake him. He's annoyed that it's 5:00 and she didn't wake him an hour earlier like he asked. She says he needed the rest. Leo grumbles, "What are you now, my mother?" She says that the Secretary of State called. Leo: "I bet he did." Margaret says Leo's getting some irate calls about the whole Shareef thing. She adds that Josh called to say the new Economic Advisor forecasts are in. Leo: "And?" Margaret doesn't say anything. Leo shakes his head and says, "Great."

Will comes through a door with Ed and Larry, looking at these reports, asking "How bad?" Larry: "Our guys are starting to freak out at the jump in unemployment." Will thought it was just a blip. Larry says it looked that way last week: "Now it looks like a pattern." Ed says that consumer confidence numbers tanked. They've caught up with Josh now and are rattling off a bunch of unhappy numbers. Josh: "But duct tape futures are up, right?" Ed starts to say that Commerce doesn't break things down that far, but Larry points out that Josh was joking. That may be helpful for the viewers who weren't sure. Josh consoles himself with the idea that the numbers won't get much play in the media right now. Larry starts to say something about the economy being headed into a recession, and Josh and Will caution him against ever using that word, because it gives the idea credence. Larry and Ed ask what they should call it. Josh doesn't care: "Call it a boat show or a beer garden or a bagel." Larry plays along, saying that it appears that it will be a mild bagel, if it's a bagel at all. Will says that will be comforting to the millions of Americans who'll lose their jobs. Donna arrives and says, "Take the Haffley photos off the dart boards, boys, Elvis is in the building." She clarifies for Larry that she means the Republican leadership.

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