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Walken asks for Dr. McNally's input. She firmly says, "Sir, this would be the first time in our history that we have violated the sovereign soil of an ally." Well, it's a day full of firsts, I think. Walken turns to Fitz, who says, "Our people are at DEFCON Alpha, awaiting your go." Haven't we been over this before, several times? DEFCON uses numbers; THREATCON uses the letters of the Greek alphabet. How hard is this? Man, if I can remember it -- and I hardly care -- why can't someone on the show write up a Post-it Note or something? When Walken asks what would be involved, Fitz elaborates: "Twelve F-14B Tomcats and eight F/A-18E Super Hornets off the George Washington. Then the Marine 3-7 will drop 1,100 Special Op forces in to clean it up. Nancy: "So: a bombing and an invasion?" Fitz says they'll be in and out in three days. Leo suddenly snaps, "We bomb Qumar and they kill her!" Walken, in a matter-of-fact way, but without looking at Leo, says: "They're going to kill her anyway." He asks Fitz: "When do you want to go, Admiral?" The realization that Walken is almost certainly right about Zoey weighs heavily on Leo's face. He also understands that no one in this room is as invested in saving her life as he is. Fitz says it will take Special Ops nine hours to get into position: "On your order, we'll be over the targets in ten. Six-thirty our time, tomorrow morning." Walken quietly asks Leo, "Do you want to tell the President, Leo, or should I?" Leo says, "Thank you, sir, but I'll do it." Walken says, to no one in particular, "Get the Qumari Ambassador over here. We need to let him know we're gonna bomb his country." I'm sure Miss Manners would approve.

Leo's taking an elevator somewhere. The camera's behind him and we see the doors open into a hallway with USSS agents posted here and there. Something very ER-ish about that elevator shot. Leo makes his way to the room with the fabulous window and the weird disco lighting, where the exterior weather conditions never seem to match the actual time of day, or something. Jed's by the window, staring out. Leo asks where everybody is; Jed's says they're getting dressed. They're going to St. Joseph's for a private mass, which the priest offered to do for the family. Leo: "The Secret Service is letting you go?" Jed: "I still have a little pull around here." Charlie comes in to tell Jed that the cars are ready. Jed says to Leo: "Ellie came too, did I tell you?" Leo sounds mildly impressed: "No...that's great." Well, whatever problems Jed may have with Ellie, they didn't seem so monumental that she wouldn't come home if her sister were abducted. So this comment didn't sit right with me. The camera keeps cutting back and forth between Jed's face, in the purplish-red light, and Leo's, in the electric blue light. One face, two face, red face, blue face. Hee. (In the ER premiere they did something very similar with Carter's first scene with Abby.) Jed says, "All the things we wanted to do, Leo. All the things we believed in and wanted to fight for." Leo nods slightly, and says, "Sir..." Jed, looking straight out the window, softly says, "He's going to bomb, isn't he?" He looks at Leo, who says, "Yes, sir, he is." Leo walks out slowly.

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