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It's late; Donna has her coat on and wanders slowly over to Josh's desk, where he's typing away at his computer. Donna tries to get him to go home, but he says he has some stuff he wants to finish up. Man, Janel Moloney looks amazingly gorgeous in this scene. ["Well, that's a change from how she looked on Emmy night, flashing those terrifying spindly arms of hers for all the world to see." -- Wing Chun] Donna's been up for probably thirty-six hours, too. I should look so good when I'm rested. Rested, hell, I should look so good after an Extreme Makeover. Donna mentions that Harold (a guard, maybe?) says that people have been leaving stuff at the fence for Zoey all day long, and that she thought she might walk by on her way home and check it out. Josh keeps typing away and not really responding. Donna softly says, "Josh..." He looks at her. She gestures with her head and says, "Come on." There's a lot of intimacy in the way she communicates with him at times like this, but unlike some folks, I'm not convinced it means they're doing it. Then there's a shot of Josh where he's looking up at her, but the camera is kind of low, so it gives his eyes a very weird look. I think they were going for "sad and haggard" but it crossed the line right over into "creepy."

Toby's working on a speech in his office. Leo arrives, and appears to be looking at the TV -- although it's hard to tell from the camera angle. Seriously, I'm not sure if I've ever wanted to administer such a klop upside the head to the camera operator for an episode of this show. I hope this Blair Wing Project (tm SpongeBob SherPants) camera work is an aberration and not a trend. Leo says, "They were just boys -- oldest was only twenty-four." Toby asks if they're going to respond. Will appears suddenly and asks, "Any word on Zoey?" Leo tells Toby: "I need you to start two speeches." Toby says he already started on the first one today. Leo encourages them to go home and get some rest because he needs them to be at their best tomorrow. Toby asks if Leo's going too. He says, "Yeah, uh, absolutely." That was convincing. He leaves. Will asks, "Why two?" Toby: "One if they find her alive; the other if they don't." ["Yeah, der. That line sure didn't ring true. Will's not a moron." -- Wing Chun]

We hear the strains of the song "Sanvean" by Dead Can Dance, as a montage begins, opening with the motorcade to St. Joseph's. I wanted to like this montage, I'm usually pretty susceptible to this kinda crap, but it was just too heavy-handed overall. All the Bartlets and Charlie get out of the cars and enter the church. It's intercut with Sit Room shots; Leo sitting there alone. Elizabeth receives Communion. Josh and Donna walk outside toward the fence where hundreds of candles, pictures, signs, teddy bears, flowers and gifts have been left for Zoey, very reminiscent of the tributes after the death of Princess Diana. Hundreds of people stand vigil. Donna says softly, as they approach, "Oh, my God." Ellie receives Communion. Sit Room. Walken walks out to the portico and sits wearily on the bench. Abby gets up from praying, and we see Charlie sitting two pews behind her, so very tired and sad. More shots from the fence, along with a picture of Zoey. Abby receives Communion. Sit Room computer screens, a sign from the vigil saying "We love you Zoey," and a shot of Leo looking resigned. Shot of a map on a monitor with the word "QUMAR" in big letters. Jed gets up and approaches the priest, who offers him the Sacred Host. Jed hesitates slightly before taking it and putting it into his mouth -- unsure, perhaps, if he deserves to take Communion, almost certainly wondering if the loss of his child is his punishment for the mortal sin of Shareef's assassination. He puts the wafer in his mouth and clasps his hands in prayer. Faith and hope have not yet deserted him.

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