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Casper says that at 3:17 AM, they received what they believe to be a genuine note from Zoey's abductors, demanding the release of three convicted terrorists being held in Pakistan, and the immediate removal of all American forces from Qumar and Saudi Arabia. He adds that they're issuing a BOLO for five individuals last seen in Portland who are wanted for questioning in connection with potential terrorist activities: "They are Yemeni nationals Faruk Salam and Ammat Badir; Tanji Nassaliw and Masood Sheikh Kadallah, both Saudis; and..."Danny glances in C.J.'s direction, but she's not looking at him. It sounds like Casper says "Reginald Saeed," but we cut...

...to Josh and Will, watching in what might be the Roosevelt Room, although the dark orangey-red lighting makes it look more like a nightclub or a fashion show. Josh says, "I'm guessing burqa sales are going to take a little dip this afternoon." What? That's not funny. It doesn't even make sense. God, if people are going to make dumb, reactionary comments, try to at least make them funny. And I'd like it even better if the characters making dumb, reactionary comments weren't the ones we're supposed to admire and respect, but you know, what's the point of yowling for the moon when you can't even get a tallow candle? Will says he's working on remarks for Walken's address to the nation. Donna apologizes for whatever food she's brought up. Josh regards some food product with disdain: "Oatmeal carrot granola?" Probably a muffin. He tosses it aside. Donna asks Toby if Ginger found him. Donna says Andi called and wants Toby to call her at the hospital and check in. Josh asks how the twins are. Having to spend the first twenty-four hours of his children's lives focused on the kidnapping of someone else's daughter should do wonders for Toby's general outlook on life. Toby says they're fine. Josh: "Any photos yet?" Toby: "No. Something came up at work."

In an unusually boring exchange, Will consoles Donna on the eggwich she's eating as Josh announces that he thinks they made a mistake letting POTUS abdicate to King Ralph. Will says the news outlets (CNN, MSNBC, Fox News) are treating it as a seminar in the resiliency of the Constitution. Sorry, but I don't think I believe anyone at Fox News knows a big word like "resiliency." Josh thinks they're just holding off because Zoey's "tied up in the back of a gas station. We have no idea how this is playing." Will: "He showed he's a leader, nobly embracing his own flawed humanity." Josh: "Lincoln and Kennedy has children who died. They didn't take a sabbatical." Sure, but...those kids weren't abducted by people involved in international terrorism, either. Toby asks who's been calling. Josh says it's the Congressional leadership. Toby says Lincoln never got a ransom note from Jefferson Davis and that Bartlet's putting country before family: "I'd carpet-bomb Mecca to get my kids back." Fabulous. I definitely love the direction this show is going, what with putting the most appallingly reactionary comments in the mouth of one of the characters least likely to espouse such views. Not that Sorkin never did this, but it was deplorable then and it still is. Let me just point out that this is exactly the sort of comment featured in hate mail that I received after this article was published. Anyway, Josh has concerns far more pressing than the fact that his esteemed colleague has apparently been possessed by the demon known as Ann Coulter, which is worrying about whether the voters like Walken better: "What if he seems more Presidential? What if they want Walken to stay?" Well, what if they do? Bully for them. It doesn't work that way. Will says that Bartlet just pulls out the second letter in a few days. Josh is worried about what happens if it doesn't take just a few days, but rather, weeks, or months: "What if she's never found?" What? This all seems pretty premature. I think after a couple of weeks had passed either way, Bartlet would probably decide he needed to get back to work, or else he might decide to resign altogether. But there's just too much unknown at the moment to even have a sensible conversation about this. I guess Josh has to fret about something. Josh glances at the TV again and says, "It's a mistake."

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