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Danny catches up with C.J. coming out of the briefing. She tries to give him the bum's rush, but he's insistent. Carol says she sent someone to C.J.'s apartment to get clothes. She must have more people rummaging through her closet... I think I'd keep about half my wardrobe at work if I were her. ["Which reminds me of a recent episode of Oprah in which her private office was renovated, including building her a 'closet' that was about 2/3 the size of the ground floor of my house. I wept when I saw it. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen." -- Wing Chun] C.J. asks for some food. Danny wants to know if there's a connection between Shareef's assassination and Zoey's kidnapping. C.J. reminds them about the deal they made, giving her three days before he went public with this story. He says that was before Zoey was kidnapped, and in return for an exclusive on the five Bahji sleepers the "FBI just outed to every news outlet in the known universe!" He loudly asks C.J. several hundred more times whether there's a connection between the two. I don't think the assassination is yet public, so why they're shouting about it with her door open is a bit of a mystery. C.J. doesn't know if they're connected and doesn't know what Danny wants from her. He says he's filing the story today. She says it'll get buried. He insists it won't. He asks -- again, quite loudly -- whether the White House wishes to comment on allegations that the President ordered Shareef's assassination. He tells her she has a couple of hours to find out before he posts the story online. I guess that's for the seven people in Borneo who haven't heard them yelling about it yet.

Sit Room. Nancy says the Pakistanis are prepared to stage the release of the prisoners, and film it. She says they'll put it on CNN and send it to Aljazeera. Casper says that this buys them a little more time. Walken arrives, and everyone rises. He tells them to stand down, which is sort of a funny way to tell people to sit down. Everyone looks sort of pained, especially Nancy. Fitz tells Walken that the Washington Carrier group will be in place in three hours. Casper says that they've had no further contact from the kidnappers, but that they've traced one of the kidnappers, Shahab Kaleel, to an apartment complex in Baltimore. Neighbours say that two Arab men were living with Kaleel, and that none of them has been seen for three days. They found lots of fingerprints and identifying information in the apartment. Walken: "They didn't try to cover their tracks?" Casper: "No, sir. They don't care if we know who they are. They don't plan on being alive in a few days." There's a pause, and then Walken asks Fitz, "What do you want to hit, Admiral?" Fitz: "Kazir training camps." Nancy explains that the Qumaris claim these are religious schools. Fitz says that they're terrorist training camps, and that intelligence has traced Kaleel to Zachari Faruk (and I'm just going with the spellings provided by the closed captioning here, even though I think a lot of them are rather bogus) who is a camp leader. ["I'll bet that guy's really good at sing-alongs and making s'mores." -- Wing Chun] Walken asks whether they're close to anything. He's got a terribly constipated expression. Nancy says they're close to villages, hospitals, and a food distribution centre. Fitz suggests AGM-88 HARMs: "We will hit what we're aiming for." Nancy reminds them that this is a "long-term ally in a highly volatile region." Fitz: "Bombing Tripoli stopped Libya." Nancy thinks it's more likely to strengthen the terrorists' resolve than it is to topple a moderate Islamic regime. Leo asks, "If we bomb the camps, don't the kidnappers murder Zoey Bartlet?" Walken: "Or it sends a message: 'Kill her or don't -- the United States does not negotiate with terrorists.'" Slattery says that their European allies are going to go crazy: "They have billions tied up in oil and natural gas pipelines in Qumar." Walken: "Screw the Europeans. They've had years to try to convince the Qumaris to get their house in order." I guess I'm not clear on why there's more onus on the Europeans than on the Americans to strongarm Qumar. So many things I don't understand. Lots of shots of Leo's face becoming even more deeply engraved with concern. Walken asks about the chances that Zoey Bartlet's still alive. Casper thinks she probably is, because the abductors will want to milk this for all it's worth. Walken stands up and says, "Get your people in place, Admiral. We don't go today unless we're provoked. Find her, and find her fast. But if Zoey Bartlet turns up dead, I am gonna blow the hell out of somethin', and God only knows what happens next." He trots out. Nancy looks like she can't believe she's suddenly serving under Charlton Heston.

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