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Leo walks away, and Jed tells Charlie, "I thought I sent you home." Charlie -- a little slow on the uptake -- suddenly stands up and asks if Jed needs something. Jed says they're good and gestures at him to sit down. Jed sits beside him, a TV monitor with reports about Zoey playing in the background. Jed tells Charlie that Frenchy gave up his dealer: "Yeah, I want to kill him, too." Please. Somebody at least kick his ass back to Monaco or wherever. Jed tells him to go home: "You work for the President. He's going to need you down there." Charlie: "I work for you, sir. Somebody else can show him where the Xerox paper is." Jed assures Charlie that he does a lot more than that. Charlie thanks him: "But I'd prefer to stay here with you."

Leo and Margaret bicker over where a file is that Leo just had and now cannot find. Margaret keeps trying to call his attention to where it is on his desk, but Leo's having a tired, crabby moment (hey, he's entitled) and keeps rabbiting on until she reaches over and hands him the file. Leo irritably asks, "Did you move it?" Margaret just flashes him a patient smile. Which is maybe more than I could have managed after being up all night and griped at by my boss, even if he were having a much harder time than I. As Margaret leaves, C.J. arrives to ask whether Leo's had a chance to take Danny's request for a comment to the President. Leo says he was just up in the Residence, and there's no comment. C.J. meant President Walken. Leo keeps looking at his files as he absorbs what C.J.'s said and what he's done. He calls out to Margaret, asking if everybody's ready to go. She says that everybody's gathering. Leo tells C.J. to bring it up with Walken at the meeting.

Out in the hall, Josh shows Leo a newspaper with a big picture of President Flintstone and the headline "In Charge." Yes, Leo's seen it. As they walk to the Oval Office, Leo asks if there's any word on the new speaker. Toby says it's going to be Haffley or Mitchell; he's betting on Haffley. Josh isn't happy to hear it: "Even Republicans think Haffley's a fascist." Josh said he's also heard rumours that Walken plans to nominate a VPOTUS. Leo stops, turns, and says, "He won't." Josh: "He can." Leo: "He won't."

They arrive at Debbie's desk and as she's about to open the door, she grimaces, "He has a dog." Walken invites them in, and they file in, as Walken assures them he hasn't reupholstered the furniture yet. Walken introduces Steve from his office; Steve is played by Željko Ivanek, who's been in so many shows that TWoP recaps I don't even know which one to link to, but I loved him as ForeignAccentedTerrorBoss (tm Gustave) on 24 and the Pernicious Peewee (tm Couch Baron) on Oz. Walken also introduces a bunch of other folks: Bill Bradley, Anne Peterson, Bill Safford. Walken tells everybody to sit, and asks, "Y'all have assigned seats?" Toby says they don't. We see a little dog, a pug, lying at one end of the sofa. C.J. tries to perch on the arm next to the dog, but doesn't seem comfortable there. Walken urges C.J. to shoo the dog off the couch. You don't have to tell C.J. twice; her hand's firmly on the dog's butt before Walken can even say, "Get off, Bess!" Is she named after Truman's wife? She trots away, past Walken, who says, "Good doggie!"

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