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Walken asks, "How does this usually go, Leo?" Leo says that Treasury and Commerce are coming at one to discuss the markets tomorrow. Bess starts scratching at the door to the portico. Steve thinks that's not a bad idea. Toby then busts out what has to be the single dumbest, most clichéd line ever uttered on this show, and it's got some competition: "We close them, the terrorists win." I'm sorry, but as good as Richard Schiff is, he couldn't sell this dreck. Sir Laurence Olivier couldn't sell it. I knew the line was coming, too, from a review published before airtime, but I didn't warn Frink. We both just threw our hands up in the air and emitted loud, derisive snorts. I doubt Richard Schiff ever felt more sheepish delivering a line on this show. It seemed like he said it as quickly and neutrally as he could possibly get it over with -- with all the relish of chugging fish oil. But even rancid fish oil smells better than that crappy dialogue. And for those people who think Toby was delivering the line sardonically: nope, not buying that either. I think anything along those lines was Schiff's own sheepishness bleeding through. Steve says the last thing people need to see Monday morning is the Dow down 600 and the dollar tanking. Toby says that closing the market only hurts the dollar.

Walken doesn't get bogged down with this; since the Treasury and Commerce people aren't coming until 1 PM, he moves on, and asks how they're doing on a VP. Leo seems caught off-guard by the question and seems to look to Josh for a response; Josh says they're still vetting candidates. President Flintstone announces, "In case you boys haven't noticed, I'm one prime rib dinner away from sudden cardiac arrest. I don't want the Secretary of Agriculture being named the next President of the United States." Well, since you brought it up, you might want to talk to that guy; he could maybe hook you up with some lifesaving vegetables. Will pipes up (Will's here? Who knew?) and says, "Senate Pro Tem." Blank looks all around. Will explains that the Senate Pro Tem is next in line of succession (although according to a reader in our forums, this isn't the right expression: apparently it should be "President pro tempore of the Senate," or "President pro tem"). Walken says that the Republican leadership is sending him ideas and they might want to round up some names of their own: "If I'm still here on Tuesday, we are going to get into this." Bess yaps and scratches at the door some more. Walken barks, "Bess, knock it off, damn it!"If this pooch is supposed to be comic relief, she's an abject failure. She's sorta cute, but not funny.

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