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Danny's been summoned to C.J.'s office so that she can tell him that the White House doesn't want to comment. Danny sighs, unsurprised, and says, "Okay." C.J. adds: "Danny. Post the story now." He looks puzzled, and she says, "Right now." He gets it and says, "Thanks." She ever so vaguely shakes her head to herself, and her shoulders sink slightly.

After the commercials, it's Hour Thirteen. People are moving furniture around. Josh asks Toby, "What's with Bekins?" Toby: "The Visigoths have laid siege to the Mural Room." Josh: "Atwood and his guys?" He says he guesses they should just be happy that they didn't get evicted. Josh asks Toby if Will's working in his office. Toby thinks he's sleeping. Josh goes over and knocks on the window, where the blinds are closed. Neither Frink nor I can figure out why he's not knocking on the door like a normal person. Josh asks Toby about the press conference Walken's scheduled to respond to Danny's story: "What's he gonna say?" Toby: "I have no idea." Josh knocks on the window again as he tells Toby that he's narrowed the list of VPOTUS candidates down to fifty names. Toby: "That's...what, everybody over thirty-five with a pulse?" Will peeks out through the blinds, and Josh gestures to him to come out. Will emerges, looking adorably rumpled and with a serious case of bedhead. Frink' s overjoyed; he hates how perfectly coiffed everyone always is on TV and how no one ever has a bad hair day unless it's their whole damn storyline. Josh tells Will he's got some names for VP and, as he glances at Will's hair, kind of gestures at his own, to suggest to Will that he might want to attend to his appearance. Josh goes through names as Toby and Will state their objections to each. Will asks if he's getting a lot of calls. Josh: "Only a couple hundred. They all start out by saying how sorry they are about Zoey and then spend ten minutes trying to work their name and the Vice-Presidency into the same sentence." Donna comes in with Josh's jacket and says that Leo's looking for him. Donna asks Toby whether "they're" going home today. Toby: "Who?" Donna: "The twins." Toby says they go home tomorrow. Josh asks, as he walks out, "Anybody else coming to the auto-da-fé?" Toby says that they weren't invited. Donna suppresses a small smirk about Will's hair. Will: "What?" He goes back to his office, fussing with his 'do.

Leo's at the head of the big table in the Roosevelt Room, and each seat at the table is filled by a politician. More people are standing around the perimeter. Leo says that Walken's assured him he has no intention of pushing any partisan agenda. The woman to Leo's left says, "Walken can spend his entire Presidency channel-surfing in the Lincoln bedroom. You said to the country, 'Democrats can't handle security.'" Another guy -- who I think may have been on the show before, and reminds me of the guy who played Grace's ex-husband on Grace Under Fire -- says, "If you want a save a spotted owl, vote Democratic. If you want your kids saved, sorry, we'll be doing the crossword." As Josh arrives, Leo says that Bartlet is making sure children are protected by seeing that decisions are made based on relevant intelligence, rather than a father's clouded emotions. The woman to the left says that if any emotions are clouded, they're Leo's: "Let's face it. You've always been too close to Bartlet." A third guy says it's Leo's job to buck Bartlet up: "To help him make the tough decisions. The Presidency isn't a -- a vanity exercise." Man, where have these people been? What do they think Leo's been doing for the last four or five years? Whatta crust. Leo: "Who's doing electoral math on the back of a napkin during a national crisis?" Left-Hand Woman squawks, "You've singlehandedly ended the Imperial Presidency!" First Guy To Speak says that they elevated Walken and his Republicans and made them "genuine players on the world stage." Leo, mildly: "I didn't elevate them; the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 did. And I'm not prepared to think about politics while we're under terrorist attack. The Republic comes first. That's why Truman wanted the Speaker third in line." Squawker snipes, "Truman wanted the Speaker third in line because he used to drink bourbon with Sam Rayburn." Leo: "The only thing I find extraordinary about that is that a member of the Executive Branch actually wanted to share a drink with a member of the Congressional leadership." Leo's done; when he stands up, though, for some reason, the camera is angled down the table, with a lamp blocking the lower half of the frame. Leo's head pops up from behind the lamp, which is a shot so ridiculous I can't believe it got left in. There are several shots where the subjects are blocked for no apparent reason by random objects and this one just happens to be the silliest. Leo thanks them for sharing their concerns, and says that he'll be sure to pass them along to President Bartlet.

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