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The One With Character Development

So it's another serious and emotionally gripping episode. If I'd realized that this show was a drama, I'm not sure I would have signed on to recap it. ["But you're stuck with it now. No backsies!" -- Wing Chun]

We open on John Hoynes, our favorite ex-Vice-President, in a televised interview with someone named Dianne. A subtitle tells us that it's Friday night. Hoynes is promoting his new book. We see Jed tying a bowtie and listening to the interview in the background. Jed seems to be having some difficulty with his tie. After fumbling for a few minutes, he gives up and walks away from the mirror.

Cut to Josh watching the interview. At first I thought he was in his office, but it's also possible that he's in his apartment. (Of course, these scenes are all set at night, so everyone has all his or her lights turned off. Because that's what people do.) We hear Dianne say that she hates to interrupt Hoynes, but that she has a question for him. I hate it when people say that they "hate to do" something and then go ahead and do it. Nobody's forcing you, Dianne. If you really hated it, you could just say no. In any case, Dianne asks Hoynes if he's saying "we're on the wrong track." Hoynes establishes that he thinks the present administration has done a fine job, and that he has "no ill will towards the President or Leo McGarry."

The interview audio recedes into the background (kind of like Bradley Whitford's hairline) as C.J., dressed in a fabulous dress, walks into Toby's office. I know that previous recappers might have given a detailed description of the dress, but I'm not that kind of gay man. Suffice it to say, C.J. looks amazing. She tells Toby that someone (I couldn't make out who) is in the East Room watching the run-through, and then asks Toby what he's reading. He holds up the volume in his hands, and we can see that it's Hoynes's book. Unfortunately, I couldn't make out the title. C.J. asks Toby where he got it, and he tells her that Will had a copy. She's surprised to hear that Will gave it to Toby, but he tells her that he "borrowed" it. C.J. is "sure it's illuminating." When Toby asks her if she wants to know how many times she's mentioned, she just says "No," as she looks over at the Hoynes interview on a monitor. She's also not interested in hearing how many times Toby was mentioned, but when he asks her if she wants to know how many times Josh was mentioned, she looks at him and quietly asks, "How is Josh?" Although she may have been asking "Where is Josh," or even "What is Josh." It was nearly impossible to make out the first word of that sentence. In response to whatever question it was, Toby says, "Josh is...he'll be fine."

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