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Friday morning. Thanks, subtitles! I don't know what I'd do without you. We see Bernard in his little basement office. He's listening to some Gilbert and Sullivan (or so I'm told by usually reliable sources on the forums). For some reason, Bernard gets up from his desk, turns down the music, and walks out to the counter in the Gifts Unit. I didn't hear the bell ring, and he was facing in the opposite direction, so I have no idea how Bernard knew Charlie was there. He greets Charlie (calling him, of course, "Charles"). As Charlie starts to read something to Bernard from a legal-looking book in his hand, Bernard asks, "Did you pick out that tie, or is it government-issue?" Charlie tells him that his sister gave him the tie. Bernard: "The things we put up with for family." Charlie's not too thrown by this, and he gets back to his law book, explaining that according the Foreign Decorations and Gifts Act, the President has the option of buying back any gift accepted on behalf of the U.S. Bernard is not amused: "Must we suffer through another round of capture-the-flag?" Charlie says that Jed wants to buy back the flag. Bernard explains that a commercial appraisal would be required, and when Charlie asks him for a ballpark estimate, Bernard muses for a bit before declaring that the flag is likely worth $20,000 to $30,000. Now it's Charlie's turn to be unamused.

C.J. and Josh run into each other while arriving at work. She asks how the meeting with Hunt went, and he tells her that Hunt is still going to speak at one o'clock, but that Josh can arrange a procedural roadblock that will keep the floor of the Senate tied up until they can return the flag to the Chinese, making the resolution moot. However, Josh thinks they should actually let Hunt speak, pointing out that the resolution will never pass, and that Jed will never have to acknowledge it: "I'm not suggesting a re-tooling of the Monroe Doctrine, but we let Hunt speak. Let someone make the principled argument." What the fuck? The Monroe Doctrine? Is Taiwan suddenly part of the western hemisphere? I don't care how tired Josh is, or how little experience he has in international relations, he should still know what the fucking Monroe Doctrine is. This weird comment slides right by C.J., and she tells Josh that if Kate and Toby don't object, they can raise the idea with Jed.

Margaret is walking around her office filing things and singing. Badly. And while I think that everyone was supposed to recognize the song, I had no idea what she was singing. At first I thought it was "Karma Chameleon." Wouldn't it be cool if Boy George made an appearance on the show? No? Eh, you're probably right. C.J. walks up behind Margaret, asks her if she's excited about the Medal of the Arts ceremony, and then tells her, "It's supposed to be a surprise musical guest." Margaret realizes that she might give away the secret with the singing and dancing. C.J. confirms that Governor Baker just arrived to meet with Jed, and asks Margaret to keep track of a couple of other things for her. They both head down the hall, and Margaret asks C.J., "Do you have a favorite? Song?" C.J. doesn't. Margaret does, however. "I've always liked 'Jelly Man Kelly.'" This still gave me no clue who the musical guest was. However, I did laugh as Margaret started talking through the lyrics. "He's the one who likes jelly the most. He likes it on toast. Then there's Jenny Mulhenny..." 'Cause I love some music with absolutely bizarre lyrics as well. (I mean, "some days you eat the bear"? What does that really mean?) C.J. cuts her off before we get any more. Margaret: "Right. Mum's the word."

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