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Jed is meeting with Governor Baker in the Oval. Baker is played by Ed O'Neill -- I know he's a serious actor and all, but it's hard for me to see him without picturing him sitting on a sofa with his hand shoved into his pants. So Governor Bundy he shall be. Jed shows Governor Bundy the letter, and tells him that he's going to hold onto the one that reinstated him in office. Bundy promises that the museum will take care of the letter. They chitchat a bit, and then Jed asks the Governor how his numbers are looking in Iowa. Governor Bundy modestly says that he hasn't declared, but when Jed pressures him, he says that his numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire look pretty good. Just then Bingo Bob walks into the office, greeting Jed and Governor Bundy with a hearty "Gentlemen!" How the hell did he get past Debbie? And where's our pal Curtis? Will is a few steps behind the Veep. Jed: "Bob, I didn't know you were joining us." Bob says that he had to be there for such a historic moment, and Jed points out that "the historic moment happened a couple of years ago." Governor Bundy calls Jed over and starts to whisper sweet nothings in his ear. Well, really he's just blowing smoke up Jed's ass, saying that the focus of the event is supposed to be on Jed's nobility in invoking the 25th Amendment. Jed cuts him off and asks Bundy if he will be in the photos. Bundy notes that he is a trustee of the museum, and Jed tells him that he doesn't think anybody will mind if Russell is in the photos as well: "After all, he's sort of a trustee of this office."

Josh is walking down the hall when he sees Will standing outside the Office of O. Will tells him that he's "hoping to absorb some wisdom. Osmosis." Josh knows at once that Will sent Bingo Bob in to crash the photo op, and he actually praises the maneuver. He goes on to ask Will why he's not concerned about Hoynes. Will says that even with Hoynes's name recognition, their polling still puts Hoynes ten points behind Russell in New Hampshire: "He resigned in a sex scandal. There's no way to comes back from that."

Donna walks into Margaret's office to drop off some documents for C.J. She coyly asks, "So, you know who's coming tonight." Margaret is beaming as she says, "It's a surprise." She is just giddy at having this secret. After the tiniest bit of prodding from Donna, she says, through a clenched smile, "Jelly Man Kelly." Except she barely moves her lips, so it sounds more like "jelly van telly." Donna doesn't get it, and she is just about to ask Margaret to repeat herself slowly when C.J. walks up and asks if Donna has brought the trade agenda for the summit. She asks Donna to also bring her a copy of anything Josh has on Taiwan. Donna asks C.J. if there's an issue: "I know it's Josh, so there's always an issue. 'Cause he's been working really hard on this." C.J. tells her that she just wants to stay in the loop, and Donna reassures C.J. that Josh "has everything under control." Just then, they notice news coverage of a pro-independence rally in Taiwan, in which hundreds or thousands of protesters are waving the green and red flag. The news coverage specifically mentions that Jed accepted the flag at the breakfast. C.J. immediately tells Margaret to get Kate and the head of the CIA.

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