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Cliff walks through a lower-level hallway in the Capitol, and then ducks into a door that leads to a stairwell that goes even deeper.

A door opens in front of Cliff, and the big-eared Congressman he spoke with earlier is standing there in his boxer shorts, holding a pillow and blanket. Big-Ears looks uncertain, and then invites Cliff to come in. I know he was probably surprised by the knock, but don't you think this guy could have taken a second to put some pants on? I have a hard time imagining the situations in which it would be appropriate to answer your office door in your skivvies.

Inside the office, Cliff points to a cot and notes that the rumors about the Congressman sleeping in his office must be true. The Congressman says that he can't afford D.C. rent on his salary, and that he likes a short commute. I just want to say, there are many decent neighborhoods in D.C. where you can rent a slightly run-down five-bedroom house for about $2,500 a month. It's not unusual for members of Congress to share such houses, living a lot like the college students and young professionals who infest the city. (Yeah, I get to be a snob about that now that I've moved out of my own group house.) Cliff doesn't even call the Congressman by name, just calling him "Arkansas." Since I'm getting sick of writing "the Congressman," I think I'll go with that. Cliff tells Arkansas that the President needs him. Arkansas thinks that he's being summoned to the White House for a dressing-down about his potential vote against stem-cell research. I have to say, it would be hard for him to get dressed down much more than he already is. Cliff tells him that what they really need is some legwork, performed by someone whose presence in the Capitol won't raise any eyebrows. And who apparently doesn't mind showing off his legs. Arkansas asks, "Where do I start?" Cliff: "Do you have some pants?"

Cliff walks into the hallway and pulls the door shut behind him, while Arkansas hops around putting his pants on.

Roosevelt Room. Toby is debating child suffrage with Cody, Geek Girl, and the other kids (none of whom speak). I find this discussion boring and pointless, so I'm not really going to describe it. Plus, Cody is strange and off-putting. Needless to say, Cody makes some good points about the fact that children as young as twelve can be tried as adults. At some point in the conversation, Annabeth is pulled out of the room for a phone call. Annabeth returns and tells Toby that C.J. is looking for him at the Nobel laureates' dinner, and that the kids' parents "called from District Pizza. [The kids] are missing dinner." The kids get up to go, and Geek Girl and Cody tell Toby how much they appreciate being able to speak to him. Cody tells Toby, "Another half-hour, I could've convinced you." Toby looks over at Annabeth and asks if District Pizza delivers. She tells him that they do, and the look on Cody's face tells us that he understands that Toby wants to continue the conversation.

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