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Roosevelt Room. Cody and Geek Girl continue to argue in favor of abolishing the voting age. Blah blah blah. Cody does point out the injustice of the fact that children will have to live with the consequences of the government's decisions for years, despite the fact that they have no voice in those decisions. Geek Girl asks Toby if they've convinced him. He tells them that he would support lowering the age in increments, and that he wouldn't start at the federal level. Cody asks him if he'll mention it to the President, and Toby says, "I'll do better than that."

Arkansas and another member walk down a corridor. The other member asks where they're hiding, and Arkansas tells him that there's a Republican coming. Arkansas loudly points out that the vote is crucial, and the other member says that he's in a tough primary fight and has a plane to catch. The Republican nods to them both as they walk past. After they turn around the corner, there's a pause, and then they step back to look after the Republican before turning around and going the other way.

In the outer office of the Veep's suite, Arkansas greets Donna who is (what else) making coffee. She hands him the pot to carry, and asks if he thinks it's too risky to make popcorn. He advises that she wait another hour. She walks to the door of the inner office and raps "shave and a haircut, two bits." She and Arkansas open the doors, and the twenty or so members waiting in the room start to quietly applaud as the newest member joins them.

In the inner office, a Congresswoman asks the newest arrival if he got the message about provisions, and he pulls a bottle of alcohol out of the inside pocket of his jacket and hands it to her. The members are reading the paper, chatting, drinking. One wanders by, talking on his cell phone and pretending for the listener's benefit that he's in some warm clime. Santos starts to bloviate to the room about how bad it is for them to let the Republicans set the terms of debate. He then asks Arkansas if there are any more "souls to ferry," and Arkansas tells him that he's free to hang out for a while. Santos tells him to pull up a chair: "We're preaching to the choir here on stem cells." Arkansas tells them that he's not sure how he'll vote on the issue, and there's some quiet booing. But our hero Santos tells them to calm down, and then suggests to Arkansas that they talk about it: "Haffley closed the floor to debate, but we're not playing by his rules." He asks Arkansas what his concerns are, and Arkansas replies, "I have morality questions." Santos: "Ask 'em. We have all night." Commercials.

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