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In the Residence, Abbey is lying in bed in a darkened room, clearly trying to sleep as Jed stomps around and calls Aku a gnat and a buzzing mosquito. Don't let him hear you talk like that, Jed, or he'll send the Scotsman after you. Jed gets into bed, and they discuss the fact that Jed is very concerned about the deficit. He tells her, "First term, we made so much progress, we were talking balanced budget." But then the economy slowed, the Republicans shoved some tax cuts down Jed's throat, and the costs of combating terrorism and maintaining peacekeeping forces in other countries spiraled out of control. Jed points out that he's an economist, and asks, "What's the next guy, a mere mortal, gonna do?" Abbey reminds Jed that Eisenhower, a general, was unable to control the military-industrial complex. Jed gets a look on his face, and says, "He did one thing."

Morning in the Capitol. Donna enters the Veep's office bearing a box of donuts, and tells the gathered members that Haffley just called the first procedural vote of the day. One of the older members thinks Haffley's trying to see how many Democrats are there. Donna breaks the bad news to them that Haffley announced the agenda for the day, and it was all about pharmaceutical drug trials. There's a general groan from the group, who I'm sure are pretty sick of each other by now. Especially after Santos kept them up all night with his gabbing.

White House press conference. I'm not sure where this is being held, but it's not the Briefing Room. The press is assembled, but the conference has not started. Toby enters the room with Cody, and reminds him that this is a nationally televised press conference and that he is not to speak unless called upon. Cody takes a seat in the middle of the accredited journalists who are present. So I guess he's Jeff Gannon Jr. But hopefully without all the sex stuff. Because not only is he a kid, he's not a very attractive kid. Toby walks back to the entrance, where C.J. tells him that Jed is on the way. Jed enters with Annabeth. As he's proceeding to the podium, Toby tells him, "If you're in the mood, there's a young man in the back you might want to call on." The press conference begins.

Capitol. In the Veep's office, a Congresswoman is putting on her earrings, and she tells the group, "I love you all, but two days without a change of clothes, I may switch parties." People are disgruntled, and some want to leave. Santos asks that they give it another hour, and just then, Donna enters the room and tells them that Haffley just called the vote. Santos asks Arkansas if he has his voting card, and tells him to "go on out there and vote."

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