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Press Conference. Jed calls on Chris for the first question, and she asks him if he has any regrets. He tells them that his biggest regret has been the inability to contain the deficit: "I know an election cycle is warming up, and no one wants to hear about budget deficits, but both sides are gonna hear about them from me. That's my campaign promise." I'd be more excited if I thought this was going anywhere, but so far we haven't heard anything about the whole "good fight" thing they started talking about in "365 Days," so I'm not holding my breath.

Capitol. Santos leads his gaggle of members through the halls of Congress. They're striding confidently in a great flying wedge formation.

Outside the House chamber, Haffley is shaking the hands of Republicans who have voted when we hear the town crier yell out, "One more vote arriving." It's some dried-up old woman named Angela. Haffley tells her that they've "got this one sewed up."

The flying wedge is seen marching across a landing.

Arkansas heads out of the House chamber, having cast his vote. Haffley greets him, and tells him, "Thought maybe you'd join us on this one. Administration bend your ear?" Arkansas tells him that he made his own decision.

The flying wedge continues its march through the Capitol. At this point, I kind of expect them to burst into song, like the Sharks or the Jets. I'd like to see what kind of dance moves Mikulsky could pull off. There's a nice overhead shot of them crossing through the rotunda. (Which makes perfect sense, since the Veep's office would logically be on the Senate side of the building.)

Outside the House chamber, Haffley is telling Arkansas, "I had such high hopes for you." To a staffer, he describes Arkansas as being wet behind the ears. Come on, Haffley. Don't make fun of his abnormally large ears. And then Haffley trails off, as he sees Santos and the flying wedge come round a corner. He looks devastated, but we know that he really enjoys the humiliation. After they all walk past Haffley, he sees Cliff standing in the hallway. He looks at the Speaker and says, "Good match today." And then the little man walks away.

At the press conference, Jed calls on Cody. Cody asks, "Do you think the budget deficit is especially unfair to younger Americans?" Jed tells him that he thinks it is. And then when real reporters are trying to get a question in, Cody demands a follow-up: "Do you think we'd have such a large deficit if children were allowed to vote?" I don't know -- if politicians earned their votes by promising them all free ice cream or X-Boxes, we might. But Jed responds, "Allowing children to vote is worthy of consideration." The press conference continues.

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