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C.J. also walks out of her office, and she runs into Toby in the hall. He apologizes for missing their little meeting, but she tells him that Cliff knows what he needs to do. There's more clumsy exposition as they discuss the fact that there's a dinner for Nobel laureates that evening. C.J. seems to be anticipating the dancing and the "Latin jazz on tap," but Toby is less excited: "For those of us who are seated with the organo-metallo chemists, we'll run out of small talk by the soup course." C.J. gives him a look and tells him that he's going to have to miss the soup, because she's scheduled him to meet with the "Future Leaders for Democracy." Toby wants to know if we're talking about the near future or the distant future. C.J.: "Middle. Middle-schoolers, in fact." Shockingly, Toby seems less than thrilled at the idea of hanging out with a bunch of kids. I know, it seems so out of character. C.J. tells him to give them ten minutes, but Toby is angry that his whole day has already been divvied out in ten-minute chunks. C.J. tells him he's going to have to suck it up, because these kids have already been bumped from Jed's schedule and from hers, and it's their last day in town. Toby wants to know why he's getting stuck with them. C.J.: "Because you're so good with kids." Yeah, I mean the fact that he never stops talking about his own kids is proof enough of that.

Capitol rotunda. Cliff greets Santos, who is running in, Josh on his heels. Santos asks if he's missed the vote, and Cliff tells him that they're "doing the rule right now." Okay, my understanding of this process is that, for each bill, there is first a vote on the rule that will control the debate and certain other procedural details related to that bill. Only after the rule is approved can the voting on the bill take place. It's also my understanding that the proceedings can be stopped at any point, until the vote on the actual bill has commenced -- once that point has been reached, there's no going back. I'm sure that these three sentences are wrong in fifteen different ways, all of which I'll hear about shortly. Josh apologizes for cutting it so close, blaming the traffic from Dulles. Ugh. Tell me about it. They should have taken the bus to the subway. But Santos makes it clear that he wouldn't miss this vote for the world.

As Santos walks into the chamber, Josh and Cliff stay behind, and some kind of herald calls out, "One more vote. One vote arriving." I wonder if that guy is wearing breaches and a floppy hat? Or maybe I'm just thinking of the guy on my bottle of Beefeater. Josh tries to position Santos for some good press, telling Cliff that he'll be available to talk to news crews after the vote. Cliff congratulates Josh on Arizona and New Mexico. Does that mean Santos actually won some primaries? Or that he made another respectable showing? Josh points out that Super Tuesday is still to come, which is when the campaign will really be tested. Regardless, Cliff is glad that Santos came for the vote, and that Josh called back the members of Congress who were out campaigning for Santos. Just then, Will and Donna walk up to them. Josh is surprised to see them, since he thought they were in Atlanta. But Will tells them that the White House asked Bingo Bob to help out. Josh points out that the Veep has no vote in the House, but Will reminds Josh that "as a former member, [Russell] retains lifetime floor privileges." I wonder if some former House members just kind of hang out on the floor because they have nothing to do? So Bob is in the chamber pressing the flesh and trying to whip votes against the stem-cell research ban. They make some small talk, and Donna confidently predicts that they have the votes to win the battle. She's clearly no longer an assistant -- she's an operator. A smooth one, even. Sade would be impressed. Santos walks out of the chamber, looking pissed off: "Son of a bitch." He tells Josh that they can hit the road. Apparently, when Haffley realized how many Democrats had made it back, he cancelled the vote. The promo monkeys have an orgasm as Santos tells the assembled group, "Game over. We've been had." Credits.

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