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Toby walks through the communications pool, where Annabeth pounces on him. She heard that he wants her to babysit the student group, and he tells her that he'll stop in to say hello to them at the last minute. She tells him that she needs to be reviewing tapes of Jed to prepare for the press conference, but Toby is a determined man. He tells her, "Why? You already said the President's a natural. Why mess with perfection?" Annabeth doesn't seem to recall saying that, but Toby walks away before she can get out of the assignment.

Halls of Congress. (Kind of like the Halls of Montezuma, but without the Marines or the intimation of diarrhea.) Cliff is walking with a couple of members of Congress, including a Barbara Mikulski look-alike. I'll call her Mikulsky. Cliff's trying to convince them to stay so that they'll be there when Haffley reschedules the vote, but Mikulsky points out that Haffley will never schedule the vote while they're in town. One of the members uses the expression "that dog won't hunt." I'm not sure whether to blame Carol Flint (the writer of tonight's episode) for that, or whether it represents the kind of thing an actual hack politician would think of as wit. I'm afraid the latter is entirely too plausible. Cliff asks them to keep their phones on, and he runs into Haffley just as the two Democrats walk out the door. Haffley is quite friendly with Cliff, congratulating him on a good try with the vote. Cliff tells Haffley that "he's dead." Yikes. Shouldn't some Capitol Police have tackled him for saying that? Haffley needles Cliff about working for a lame duck, and then Cliff says, "This won't affect my serve, you know. I'm gonna slaughter you tomorrow." Ah, so they play one of those racquet sports. Or maybe beach volleyball. As he departs, Haffley calls Cliff "dude." Ewww. And speaking of ewww, Cliff is wearing a black suit with a black shirt and a dark purple tie. He looks either like a mobster or the head of the Squid Ink Marketing Association. It's normal for lobbyists (which Cliff was) to have very fancy wardrobes -- they like to show off their success and money. But I think it's also normal for them to want to look very mainstream, and this look is not that. Plus, it takes away anything of Mark Feuerstein's that would pass for a neck. Not a good look. Cliff dejectedly sits down on a bench. He sees who's sitting at the other end of the bench, and says, "Congressman, tell me you're not leaving town." The Congressman -- who is young and kind of cute in a big-eared, long-necked way -- tells Cliff that he never leaves town. Cliff thanks him for sticking around for any votes, but the Congressman tells him that he's not sure he would vote with the President on the stem-cell issue. Cliff just takes that as one more example of what a not-good day it's going to be. Gah, doesn't he pay attention to the episode titles? Of course it's going to be a good day!

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