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Cliff enters a large and fancy office. We hear Donna talking on the phone, telling someone that she's going to miss "those peach things," and asking the person on the other end of the line to bring some to Cleveland. There's been some speculation that Donna is having some kind of fling with whomever is on the other end of this call, but I do not detect the tiniest bit of warmth or affection in her voice. It just sounds like she's speaking to a colleague. Donna hangs up and gives Cliff her condolences on the vote. He tells her, "Sometimes things are going so smoothly you don't see it coming until they fall apart." Their eyes meet at the end of that sentence. Gee, do you think those words could have some deeper meaning for the two of them? Maybe related to the fact that they slept together and then had to break up when Donna was a witness in an investigation Cliff was leading? It's just too subtle for me to tell. Donna walks back to her desk, and Cliff follows her, telling her that she looks changed, "in a good way." She takes that in without responding, and then congratulates him on the job. He's not sure it will still be his after the day's failure, but he thinks she's on a great career path with Bingo Bob. Cliff tells her to thank the Veep for the use of his office, and she expositions that it's normal for the White House legislative affairs staff to use the Veep's Capitol office. Cliff says, "I guess Josh must have worked out of here a lot." Donna: "Back in the day." Why sure, remember in that one episode when....Or that other one, with the big vote on....Hey, wait a minute. There haven't been any episodes in which Josh worked out of this office. Donna, you big liar. And Carol Flint, you bad writer. And then Cliff tells Donna that they should have dinner sometime, "so [she] can catch [him] up." Donna perks up, and tells him that she'll be back in town after Super Tuesday. He wishes her luck, and she smiles after him as he walks out.

Situation Room. There's some blah blah about rebels in Angola. Kate -- who is apparently running things -- ends the meeting. But as everyone leaves, some guy in the back of the room asks them if they "want an update on the Canada situation." Kate -- some doubt in her voice -- tells him to go ahead. He points out that "tensions along the 49th parallel have been growing." See, we should have gone all the way to fifty-four forty. Kate asks, "What's their beef?," and the guy congratulates her on her excellent joke. Apparently, the U.S. ban on live cattle imports from Canada is a problem, but he tells her, "I wouldn't reduce this to a simple mad cow conflict." Everyone but Kate is basically ignoring the guy as he tells them that tensions escalated at the start of the spring snow goose hunting season, when some Canadian ranchers posted "no trespassing" signs on their property despite the fact that folks from Montana had hunted there for generations. She looks at him and slowly asks, "Are you from Interior?" Indeed, he's from Fish and Wildlife. Which raises a question: how the hell did this guy get in the Sit Room? What happened with the scan and the code and the guards? Or does each cabinet agency appoint someone who has authority to enter the room? Is there someone from the Department of Education who is prepared to talk about the latest problems experienced by a U.S. foreign-exchange student? Interior Guy continues describing the problem, telling Kate, "While an American party was setting out decoys for the great snowy honker this morning, Canadians surrounded 'em and pinned 'em down. It's unclear whether the Americans are under siege or have been taken hostage." "The great snowy honker" is what we call Glark around TWoP Towers. By this point, Fish and Wildlife Guy has got the attention of most of the people in the room. Before local law enforcement could do anything, one of the hunters used his cell phone to call in backup. Someone asks if shots have been fired, and Fish and Wildlife guy says, "Yes. But there were geese in the air at the time." Kate looks at a military officer and asks, "Do we even have a map of Canada?" Oh, America Junior. Always a source of comedy. ["In case anyone cares: the whole beef thing has basis in fact, and it's a pretty big deal on this side of the border." -- Wing Chun]

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